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At the Chinese restaurant, after you order some dim sum, you will later see the food is served in a round and well-made basket. This basket performs the role as the plate on the table as well as the steaming tool in the kitchen. And by the long tradition, these baskets are made using bamboo due to some reasons; The motives include the heat-trapping but insulating capacity of the bamboo, as well as the multi-purpose use of the basket as well.

Therefore, these baskets are deeply embedded in the cooking traditions until these recent days. Particularly, these bamboo-made baskets are now used by millions of people in their kitchens for steaming, food-keeping, etc. Also, commercial restaurants are adopting it to add a symbol to the food served.

But buying these tools is somehow a struggle since the product might not be widely available in some places. It requires some recommendations and feedback from the previous users to help the decision-making. For this reason, this article is written to provide insightful reviews of the top ten steam baskets of 2022 to the users helping them to make the right purchase decision.

Best Bamboo Steamer Basket – Editor’s Pick

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Customer Purchasing Guide:

The major part of buying the right bamboo steam basket is its design. Since all the producer uses almost similar material for the production, the differences in the products here have stayed with the design and the package inclusion.

The exceptional design of a steamer set should include the band rings around the rim that ensure durability. Also, the covering lid is crucial since it could trap the heat in the product. If the cover is not tightly woven, then it doesn’t help you.

Moreover, when it comes to the steam basket, size matters. For this reason, if you usually host the gatherings of the dinner party, then you should go with the 10-inch diameter and above to serve everyone well.

Safety is one of the things to consider as well. Typically, the steamer features heat-resistant coatings that allow the users to handle it with the bare hand. However, if not, some product here offers the extra gripping tong for the convenience of the users.

1. Trademark Innovations Bamboo Rice Steamer

The first product on this year’s list goes to the bamboo steam basket from Trademark Innovations. TI makes this steam basket using 100% natural bamboo. Natural bamboo makes the products flexible in the production and also heat-resistant during the cooking process.

Hence, this bamboo steamer is fully insulated allowing the users to handle it without burning their hands safely. Also, the bamboo could keep the food warm for quite long and fresh with the lid covered on. 

Moreover, this steamer comes with a size of 10 inches in diameter providing ample space for the users to fill a considerable volume in it.

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  • Made from 100% natural bamboo
  • Measures 10 inches in diameter
  • 2 tiers plus a domed lid
  • Hand wash with warm water
  • By Trademark Innovations

Furthermore, the steamer is designed with two tiers allowing you to cook more than one meal at one time.

Also, the product also comes with a domed lid to cover and keep the food warm. On the other hand, this TI’s bamboo steam basket is designed for the ease of the users.

Hence, this steamer requires a quick and easy cleanup only. Particularly, you could hand wash it with warm water to get it clean. And if you want to keep it out of odor, you can add lemon to the process.

2. Joyce Chen Steamer, Bamboo

Joyce Chen also joins this year’s list with the recent-developed steam basket set that guarantees you unmatched heat resistance as well as the ultimate comfort of the users. 

Particularly, this Joyce Chen’s steam basket is made using high-quality 100% natural bamboo. Using bamboo as the material helps to bring not just the heat-trap and the heat resistance to users. But it also helps to enhance the steamed food to be healthier.

Each basket comes in a 10-inch diameter allowing the users to put in a considerable volume for one cooking time. Moreover, the set includes two stackable baskets which would enable you to cook more than one meal at a time.

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  • Time-tested method for creating restaurant-style dishes at home, including dumplings, veggies, and fish
  • Two tiers to cook several dishes or servings at a time
  • So simple to use: place in a pan of water and heat
  • Made with traditional bamboo, which is also a renewable resource
  • Dimensions: 10.00 in L x 10.00 in W x 6.00 in H

Furthermore, Joyce Chen also makes it sure that this steam basket will make your steam cooking more comfortable and safer than ever before. Hence, the steamer set comes with a cover lid made using woven bamboo to keep the food warm for a long while.

Also, Joyce Chen’s steamer is an easy-to-care product that you could clean it with warm water after each use. It is also advised to avoid using the soap and keep it dry in a well-ventilated place.

3. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Food Steamer with Lid

This product from Helene Chen’s Asian Kitchen comes with an ergonomic and user-friendly design as well as high-quality material. In particular, Helene Chan uses the 100% natural bamboo as the major material of this steamer.

Such material is known for its high resilience with heavy-duty cooking and does not bend in shape when exposed to heat. Moreover, the bamboo also helps the users to enjoy the safe cooking since the bamboo is more insulated compared to the metal kitchenware.

Furthermore, this set includes two racks of the steamer as well as the tight-fitting lid that could trap the heat in the steamer for a long while.

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On the other hand, this Helen Chan’s steamer set comes in the size of 10-inch diameter allowing the users to cook a large amount of food at one time.

Also, the washing of this steamer set is simple and quick. You should go with the handwash, and it is essential to clean it with warm water after use. Also, please keep it dry at a well-ventilated place to eliminate the bad odor.

4. VonShef Premium 2 Tier Bamboo Steamer

Eventually, the top steam basket of 2022 is found which goes to the product of VonShef, a UK-based leading kitchenware manufacturer. With this premium steamer, VonShef offers to improve the way you work on the steaming.

Particularly, VonShef makes this product using the top-grade woven bamboo, handcrafted for exceptional and flawless perfection.

The use of bamboo could help to retain the moisture, nutrients, as well as flavor of the steamed food compared to the conventional method. Also, the premium design featuring dual-rack allows the users to multitask on more than one meal at the same time.

Also, VonShef equips these baskets with the stainless steel ring bands that could protect the rim of the product after multiple stackings.

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Item Dimensions LxWxH10.5 x 6.6 x 10.6 inches
Item Weight2.6 Pounds

Furthermore, this premium steam basket set includes a tight-fitting lid made of perfectly woven bamboo. This covering lid could trap the heat of your food, resulting in the warm food served at the dining table.

Also, VonShef also includes two pairs of authentic bamboo chopsticks in the set. Regarding the cleanup, it can be washed with the simple steps as the other product. You can hand wash it with warm water and dry at a full-ventilated space.

5. Sally Chen Bamboo Oriental Steamer

The runner-up of this year product goes to the steamer set from Sally Chen. This oriental edition offers the user the exceptional quality of the product.  Also, the product comes with the optimal design that helps the users deal with their kitchen needs.

Particularly, this Sally Chen’s steamer is hand-crafted by expert craftsmen bending the natural bamboo into the kitchenware. The uses of bamboo to make this product helps to guarantee long-term durability.

Moreover, this oriental steamer set comes with two layers of a basket, as well as the covering lid made of woven bamboo. This tight-fitting lid helps to keep your food warm for a long while. Also, two pairs of authentic wooden chopsticks for dining.

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On the other hand, Sally Chen’s oriental steamer comes in the size of 10 inches in diameter. It enables the users to prepare a considerable volume for gatherings or family dinners.

By the way, this Sally Chen’s steam basket is made of a smooth cleanup mechanism. You can hand wash it with warm water without using additional detergent. Then just dry it up under the sunlight or at a well-ventilated place to keep bad odor away.

6. Delighted Chef Bamboo Steamer

And now we have found the top three products among the best bamboo steamer set of the year. Now the list begins with the steam basket set from Delighted Chef, a breakthrough developer of kitchen tools.

With this latest-developed steam basket set, Delighted Chef brings to you the product designed for heavy-duty use as well as flexible kitchen needs. In particular, Delighted Chef makes this product using 100% natural bamboo.

As a result, the users will have a solidly constructed for the long run. Specifically, it also features a stainless steel rim that protects the edge from damage caused by the multiple-stacking. Besides, Delighted Chef also makes this product light in weight, with only 4 quarts on rack.

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Product Dimensions8″D x 8″W x 6.5″H
MaterialBamboo; stainless steel
BrandDelighted Chef
Item Weight0.69 Pounds
Furniture FinishStainless Steel

Besides, this steamer set could help the users to retain the heat of the food while maintaining their cooking safety as well.

Specifically, the product features a heat-resistant coating allowing the users to handle the basket safely. However, the set includes the easy-to-use tong to grab the basket from the boiling pan to the dining table.

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