Best Pancake Compressor for Framing Nailer in 2022 Reviews

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I don’t know if I am the only one, but I never used to own a toolbox until recently. It was one of those things that I never felt I had a reason to own. This was up until I started taking an interest in more DIY home-based projects.

I had always taken an interest in certain crafts and also realized that I had so many items lying around which could be re-used and turned into amazing artifacts. That is how I found myself eventually looking for a pancake compressor. I found it useful in some of my projects and in a few common needs for my household as well.

Best Pancake Compressor for Framing Nailer – Editor’s Pick

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If you are planning on getting a pancake processor for yourself, here are some of the factors that you should first consider before making a purchase:

Capacity: Make sure it will have the capacity you need to allow you to use it without any hindrances. If you want to prepare enough pancakes for the entire family, ensure that you get something whose capacity is convenient and ideal for your family.

Portability: Ensure that the compressor’s weight will enable you to maneuver it around with ease.

Accessories: some pancake compressors come with very useful and convenient accessories make sure you pick the right one as per your needs.

1. Hitachi KNT50AB Finish Combo Kit

  • By: Hitachi
  • Item Weight: 47 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 18 x 22 inches

The Hitachi KNT50AB combo kit comes with an 18-gauge NT50AE2 2″ brad nailer in the same package. It has an EC710S pancake compressor that has a 6gallon capacity and also depending on the operation, can be able to operate more than one nailer.

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Manufacturer‎Koki Holdings America, Ltd
Part Number‎KNT50AB
Item Weight‎47 pounds
Product Dimensions‎17 x 18 x 22 inches
Item model number‎KNT50AB

If you are looking for a reliable pancake compressor that will offer you efficient performance, you should make a point of looking into this product. With the sunglasses and several other safety gears thrown into the bargain, every purchase is spiced up by a plethora of additional accessories for the best experience.


  • Your purchase will include safety glasses.
  • It also comes with a pneumatic tool lubricant.

2. DEWALT DWC1KIT-B Brad Nailer and Compressor Combo Kit

  • By: DEWALT
  • Item Weight: 38.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 19.5 inches

If you are the type of person that is into taking on DIY projects but prefers as little hustle as possible, this will be a great buy for you.

No products found.

Part Number‎DWC1KITB
Item Weight‎37.3 pounds
Product Dimensions‎20 x 17 x 19.5 inches
Country of Origin‎China

This particular DeWALT pancake compressor has an adjustment depth-of-drive adjustment that does not need any tools. It also has a jam release that will not require you to involve your toolbox as well. In case you get stuck, or things get a bit tricky, you can always refer to its user manual for assistance.


  • It offers easy removal of nails.
  • The pancake compressor motor has a durable lifespan.

3. BOSTITCH U/BTFP02012 Factory Reconditioned Pancake Compressor

  • Item Weight: 31.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 16.7 x 25.5 inches

This pancake compressor is actually narrow and has a weight of about 29lbs. This feature makes it easy for those people who have storage challenges and will also give you an easy time moving it around.

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Item Dimensions LxWxH17 x 16.7 x 25.5 inches
Capacity6 Gallons
Item Weight29 Pounds
Sound Level78.5 dB

I would recommend this Bostitch pancake compressor to those people who prefer working in environments that are quiet. The reason being, it has a noise level that is operational which is of 78.5 dBA. The large capacity makes it perfect for the preparation of pancakes for the whole family while its attractive construction spices your kitchen décor.


  • The pancake compressor has a tank which has a PSI of about 150.
  • It is designed such it maximizes on the air tool performance.

4. PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 Pancake Compressor

  • Item Weight: 26 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.1 x 17.2 x 18.5 inches

The PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 Pancake Compressor has a long run time when compared its counterparts in the market.

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Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Dimensions LxWxH18.13 x 17.25 x 18.5 inches
Capacity3.5 Gallons
Voltage120 Volts

With it you will be able to perform multiple functions such as roofing or small framing jobs, which can be used with SCFM air tools; that is blowing and smaller ones as well. The pancake compressor has two gauges and a couple that is quick to connect. The high decibel level makes this a really incredible product while the non-stick surface makes it easy to clean. If you have been using one of those inferior pancake compressors and want to try out something incredible, I’d suggest that you try out this compressor.


  • The compressor has a decibel level of about 82dBA.
  • Its tank has a capacity of 3.5gallons.

5. PORTER-CABLE PCFP12234 3-Tool Combo Kit

  • Item Weight: 48 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22.5 x 20.4 x 20.6 inches

Just a single tank charge of this compressor has the ability to drive a sizeable quantity of nails. Your purchase will include an air hose which is 25 and ¼ inch that has a coupler, not forgetting the plug too.

No products found.

Style‎Combo kit
Power Source‎Pneumatic-powered
Voltage‎120 Volts
Item Package Quantity‎1
Number Of Pieces‎3

Among the content of the combo kit will also be a hook belt accessory and fasteners too. There is no need to get a single product only to go and spend your money on getting the rest. Such a combo kit lets you save money and get more value simultaneously. With all the components backed by a one-year warranty and the entire package boasting a lightweight construction, this is a really great pancake compressor which is sure to deliver the best results.


  • The compressor components of the combo kit have a 1year warranty.
  • It has a weight of about 30lbs.

6. Bostitch BTFP02012 Pancake Compressor

  • By: Bostitch
  • Item Weight: 33 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 19.2 inches

If you happen to live in a location that is extremely cold or you just want an easier time during the cold season and weather, you are definitely in luck.

No products found.

Model NameBTFP02012
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Dimensions LxWxH17 x 17 x 19.25 inches
Capacity6 Gallons

The Bostitch BTFP02012 pancake Compressor has a motor that is highly efficient enabling it to start up easily in such conditions. It also has a regulator that is a high flow, giving a major influence on the performance of the compressor. The large capacity and lightweight construction make this pancake compressor perfect. It’s portable and can prepare enough pancakes for the entire family.


  • The pancake compressor has dimensions of about 17 x 17 x 19.2 inches.
  • It is also oil-free

7. DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Compressors

  • By: DEWALT
  • Item Weight: 32.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 16.6 x 20.1 inches

The DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Compressor has a motor that is universal. It uses a power supply of about 120v. What made me take an interest in this compressor was the fact that it had a pair of universal couplers, which allow it to support being used by two people.

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Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Dimensions LxWxH16 x 16 x 17.5 inches
Capacity6 Gallons
Voltage120 Volts

To enable the tank to be drained thoroughly and quickly, the pancake compressor has a ball drain valve. It lasts for a considerable period thanks to its features. It will also not go through any marriage since its legs have protective rubber covers. The wrapped cord saves on space and lets you store it conveniently without consuming much of the space available in your kitchen.


  • The pancake compressor can be easily stored thanks to its cord wrap.
  • It has a tank that has a capacity of 6gallons.

8. PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Pancake Compressor

  • Item Weight: 34 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.3 x 18 x 19 inches

If you are looking for a pancake compressor that has been constructed to give you optimal stability, then the PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Pancake Compressor is the right choice.

No products found.

Model NameBLACK & DECKER/DEWALT C2002-WK 6GAL Pancake Compressor
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Dimensions LxWxH19 x 18 x 20.94 inches
Capacity6 Gallons

It has the ability to store more air compared to the average compressor, allowing you to use your tools for an adequate duration. It will not leave you stranded shortly after you start using it. You will definitely save valuable time and labor. Most of all you won’t experience any cases of leaking, which is why this pancake compressor ranks very highly. The quick recovery time makes this pancake compressor great and quite perfect for the quick preparation of pancakes.


  • It has a quick recovery time.
  • The pancake compressor has 30 PSI “Bonus Air”.

9. PowRyte Pancake Portable Air Compressor

  • By: PowRyte
  • Item Weight: 19.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.4 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches

When you make this purchase, what you will be getting is a 3gallon oil compressor. This type of pancake compressor is for those of us who highly value convenience.

No products found.

This is because the PowRyte Pancake Compressor does not need to be constantly maintained and also happens to be oil-less. It comes in a vertical shape. This allows it to have a great center of gravity. The portable, lightweight, and compact design make it a must-have for any homeowner. Something else, it boasts a beautifully crafted finish which makes it an additional décor to your kitchen appearance.


  • It is easily portable.
  • It has a maximum PSI of 100.

Buyer’s Guide:

Today our top recommendation for anyone looking to buy a pancake compressor is the PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK. when you purchase it you will also be getting a 13piece accessory kit.

These will include: plugs, a quick coupler, tire gauge, tire chuck, blow gun and attachments, and also a nylon hose that is 25foot long. You will not have any short-term motor issues because it features brushes that are replaceable that play a big role in the extension of the motor’s useful life. The kind of value that you will be getting is definitely worth the buy.

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