10 Best Commercial Pressure Washer Pump of 2022

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Pressure washer pumps offer us an efficient way to clean the driveways, cars, patio furniture, lawn equipment, fence, and other projects using powerful pressurized water jets. How do you get the right power washer? To identify what pressure machine better fits you, you need to answer several questions.

Firstly, what do you intend to clean with the pump? If you plan to use it on some basic outdoor chores like cleaning the decks and patio furniture, a machine with relatively low pressure between 1200-2500 PSI wouldn’t be bad. However, for serious mold, grease, and grime blasting, one with a high force is welcome.

Secondly, consider the amount of work to be done. If you have several cleaning projects to carry out on a daily basis, you should favor a machine with a higher GPM. This will help you do your work quickly and efficiently. Other factors include portability and storage, maintenance, the source of power, and ease of use. These are today’s best-performing pressure washer pumps.

Best Commercial Pressure Washer – Editor’s Pick

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10. PowerBoss 20574 2800 Gas Pressure Washer

  • By: Briggs and Stratton Power Products
  • Item Weight: 60 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 22.5 inches

With its 2 10-inch sturdy wheels that never go flat, Powerboss gives you the opportunity to maneuver around your homestead and clean almost anything from the driveways to your car.

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Item Dimensions LxWxH24.75 x 18.25 x 40 inches
Hose Length25 Feet
Maximum Flow Rate2 Gallons Per Minute

Poweboss 20574 boasts a commercial-grade Honda GCV160 160cc engine and an axial cam pump that offers 2800-PSI pressure and 2.3 GPM. The pump requires almost no maintenance and will, therefore, power through your projects for quite a long time. Even better, this pressure washer’s system allows the infusion of cleaning detergent into the water for convenient, quick, and effortless cleaning escapades.

9. Karcher K2 Electric Pressure Washer

  • By: Karcher
  • Item Weight: 16 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 30.8 x 9 x 11 inches

Karcher K2 is an electric pressure washer with 1,600 PSI. This is enough dirt-blasting power to allow you do all cleaning tasks around your home in a breeze.

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Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Dimensions LxWxH30.8 x 9 x 11 inches
Maximum Pressure1600 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight16 Pounds
Hose Length20 Feet

The machine is highly portable and weighs 16.8 pounds only. It also features a sturdy handle that makes it easy to move it from one position to the other. Karcher K2 comes with 2 spray wands. The Vario wand lets you switch from low to high pressure instantly without using the switch nozzles. You use the dirt-blaster wand where dirt is notorious. This pressure washer has a 35-foot power cord and a tall handle that minimizes excessive bending.

8. GreenWorks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer

  • By: Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC
  • Item Weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 17.1 x 9.4 inches

Several features put this pressure washer some steps ahead of others. Firstly, it comes at an unbelievably dirty price. Secondly, it’s lightweight and compact.

Therefore, it requires little space for storage after the task. Again, it’s fitted with a powerful 13 amp motor that is water resistant and has a longer operation life. The motor lets out water at 1.2 GPM which is enough to cut through dirt and grease easily. Even better, its sturdy construction allows you to use it either vertically or horizontally.

7. Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Pressure Washer

  • By: Karcher
  • Item Weight: 16.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 12 x 12.8 inches

Karcher K3 is a true evidence of how the pressure washers have evolved. What baffles many is the amount of work it can carry out irrespective of its size.

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Maximum Pressure1800 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight16.3 Pounds
Hose Length25 Feet
Maximum Flow Rate1.3 Gallons Per Minute

This is an award-winning electric pressure washer that’ll follow you to your next project that requires some thorough cleaning thanks to its 4 wheels. Uniquely, it has been designed to hold all its accessories making it even easier to store. Just like Karcher K2, Follow-Me also utilizes Vario Power Supply that lets you change from low pressure to high pressure in a breeze.

6. SIMPSON PS3228-S Gas Pressure Washer

  • Item Weight: 83.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 20 x 25 inches

With a jaw-dropping 3200 PSI and an impressive 2.8 GPM, Simpson PS3228-S is doubtlessly a heavy-duty pressure washer designed to carry out heavy tasks.

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Maximum Pressure3300 Pound per Square Inch
Hose Length25 Feet
Specification Met(unset)
Maximum Flow Rate2.5 Gallons Per Minute

It’s a gas-powered machine fitted with a 196cc 4-stroke HONDA GX200 OHV commercial engine. Like most of other models from this manufacturer, the engine meets the EPA and CARB standards. This washer’s frame is high-grade stainless steel while the rugged wheels are 10-inch. Additionally, the hosepipe is flexible. It’s 5/16 inches by 25 foot long.

5. Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Electric Pressure Washer

  • By: Campbell Hausfeld
  • Item Weight: 25 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 31 inches

Campbell Hausfeld is a highly-selling pressure washer due to its versatility. It’s fitted with a 14-amp motor which is unbelievably quiet and reliable.

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Maximum Pressure1800 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight25 Pounds
Hose Length20 Feet
CertificationCertified frustration-free

This being an electric machine means that you get gas-like performance less all the choking emissions and with extremely low decibels of noise. The motor offers 1800 PSI and 1.5 GPM. It also boasts a convenient onboard storage for the 35-foot power cord, handgun, and other accessories.

4. Generac 6595 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

  • By: Generac Power Systems Inc
  • Item Weight: 60.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.3 x 16 x 40.3 inches

This is another highly reliable and commercial-grade pressure washer that could turn cleaning the easiest task in your home. It uses a Generac 196cc engine for maximum cleaning performance. Generac 6595 is gas powered.

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Maximum Pressure2500 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight60.3 Pounds
Hose Length25 Feet
Maximum Flow Rate2.3 Gallons Per Minute

It’s easily accessible hose connections make it easy to connect the hoses without having to kneel. The handle has a sturdy ergonomic design and is also padded to prevent excessive fatigue. Moreover, the package comes with 3 00, 250, and a soap applicator nozzle tips.

3. AR Blue Clean AR118 Hand-Carry Electric Pressure Washer

  • By: AR North America
  • Item Weight: 11.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 14.5 x 10 inches

Are you amongst those who are always looking for something or somewhere to clean? We’re sure you’ll wholeheartedly love this hand-carry electric pressure washer.

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Maximum Pressure1500 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight11.7 Pounds
Hose Length20 Feet

Despite its favorable small size, AR Blue Clean AR118 has similar features with machines triple its size and price. This grime blaster is fitted with a long-lasting induction motor and heavy-duty pump. It has a 30-ft power cord and 20-foot hosepipe.

2. SIMPSON MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer

  • Item Weight: 65 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34.8 x 21 x 23.2 inches

Simpson MSH3125-S offers dirt-blasting power derived from its powerful Honda GC190 OHC engine. This engine utilizes the latest technology and starts in the snap of a finger.

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Maximum Pressure3200 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight65 Pounds
Hose Length25 Feet
Specification Met(unset)
Maximum Flow Rate2.5 Gallons Per Minute

It’s a 187cc and 4-stroke high-end model that has met all the emission standards stipulated by EPA and CARB. The nozzle features OEM technologies which help in relieving the engine of its workload while offering excellent performance. The nozzle utilizes PowerBoost technology for higher pressure which leads to outstanding performance. The tires are 10’’ and tough for easy mobility and longer life.

1. AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

  • By: AR North America
  • Item Weight: 27 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches

Outdoor cleaning couldn’t be more enjoyable. AR383 is an advanced model with several exciting features that most of its competitors lack. Right from the construction design, this pressure washer beats them all.

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Maximum Pressure1900 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight12.95 Pounds
Hose Length20 Feet

Secondly, since it’s electric, AR383 is environmentally friendly not only in terms of zero gas emissions but in being quiet too. This pressure washer also comes with several professional-style attachments that make it easy to clean almost anything with less effort and reduced time.

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