10 Best Golf Mats for Home of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you a professional or beginner golf trainer and you are planning to purchase the best golf practice mats that will give you an amazing golf training experience. Here is a review of the top 10 best golf practice mats that will help you to easily choose and purchase the best mats have a look.

01. SUMERSHA Golf Mat

It is made of premium quality woven nylon turf, non-slip 0.04” SBR bottom and import 0.04” nylon grass, no peculiar smell. Also, its realistic synthetic grass is very beautiful, and it’s healthy green color assists you focus on the ball as well as enhances your skills rapidly.

SUMERSHA Golf Mat 12"x24" Residential Practice Hitting Mat Rubber Tee Holder Realistic Grass Putting Mats Portable Outdoor Sports Golf Training Turf Mat Replacement Indoor Office Equipment
  • SIMULATION RELASTIC GRASS: This golf practice mat is made of high quality woven nylon turf, import 0.04inch nylon grass and non-slip 0.04inch SBR bottom, no peculiar smell. Match with a free rubber tee. The realistic synthetic grass is quite beautiful. Healthy green color helps you focus on the ball and improves your skills quickly. Playing on a groomed fairway to make you feel in a real golf course.
  • PORTABLE SIZE AND EASY STORAGE: The golf mat size approx 24 inch x 12inch/60cm x 30cm(LxW); Thickness 0.6 inch, the grass part height 0.2 inch; The mat do not occupy much space when unfolded it, you can play it indoor. It can be rolled up for storage and convenient to carry for indoor and outdoor practice. Do not need to further installation, just put it on the floor, you can practice and trainning everywhere.
  • NON-SKIP DESIGN PREVENT MOVING: It will be quite annoying if the mat always move when you playing. Our golf mat has heavy duty non skid rubber botom design to keep the mat in position, super grip that keeps mat from moving. With a free rubber tee in the package, wonderful mat for golf practice.
  • DURABLE AND CONVENIENT TO CLEAN: SUMERSHA practice golf mat is small size that easy to clean and keep, mom do not need to take much effort to clean it after your kids play it. It is durable for long time use, no sign of wear on the mat after several times playing. It can be replacement mat for golf lover. Economical and practical tool for professional golf players and beginners.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR-PUT EVERYWHERE: This mini size golf mat can be put in your backyard or home for playing and trainning, do not need to go to professional sport club and golf course everytime, perfectly for golf beginners. Put it at office, staff can play it at break time to have a relax, then they can work more focused. It is also a great gift and toy golf products for your kids, golf is a healthy and interesting sport that great as a hobby.
MaterialWoven nylon turf
Size12×24 inch(30cmx60cm)

As well, it has a portable size as well as very easy storage as it measures about 24” x 12” and can be rolled up for storage as well as convenient to carry for outdoor and indoor practice. Moreover, it’s non-skip design prevents it from moving. Additionally, it is very durable and very easy to clean and it is a practical and economical tool for both beginners and professional golf players. In addition, it is ideal for use anywhere in your home or backyard for training and playing.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • It is very beautiful
  • It is portable and very easy to store
  • Can be used anywhere in your home, office and backyard
  • Very easy to clean

02. Callaway Launch Zone Hitting Mat

This golf practice mat has a true-turf surface that simulates hitting from a tee box r real fairway. It measures 16 x 8 inches thus very portable and very easy to store thus you carry it anywhere you go.

Callaway FT Launch Zone Golf Hitting Mat with Rubber Backing for Safe Hitting Into Golf Net
  • Putting Mat: Enjoy the feel of playing on an authentic golf course from the comfort your own backyard - you won't be able to tell the difference while using our golf training mat; 1' x 2'
  • Quality Construction: Constructed from ultra-durable material, our golf mat for backyard is highly resistant to wear and tear unlike other golf hitting mats
  • Durable Design: The heavy rubber backing of our training mat minimizes sliding at impact and helps soften the strike to better protect your hands, wrists, and clubs from scratches and damage
  • Universal Tee Holder: Our golf putting mat includes a patented universal tee holder that holds any golf tee (fixed height rubber tee not included and sold separately)

It features ultra-durable rubber backing, that offers club protection and shock absorption and more resistant to wear. As well, it’s heavier weight reduces slide on impact. Also, it has a patented tee holder that holds any tee.


  • Has a true-turf surface
  • It measures 16” x 8” thus very portable
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It’ s heavier weight reduces slide impact


  • Relatively heavier

03. HealPT Golf Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Practice

This amazing golf practice mat has three different surfaces that is tee box, rough and fairway thus models most golf course grass cuts.

It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use thus you get your practice in any time. You can easily insert a real tee in the tee box grass so as to practice your drive as well as other tee shots. As well, you can easily fold it into a small rectangle for easy travel and storage. Additionally, it comes with a six pack of yellow foam balls and it is ideal for smaller backyards


  • Ideal for smaller backyards
  • Folds to a small rectangle for easy travel and storage
  • Has three different surfaces
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use


  • Not ideal for large backyards

04. FORB Academy Golf Practice Mat (5ft x 3ft)

This mat is ideal for enhancing your technique in any condition. It is very easy to transport has it features the roll-up design thus allows you to unfold as well as play anywhere, and has no heavy rubber base that may hold you back.

FORB Academy Golf Mat | 5ft x 3ft Roll Down Fairway Golf Mat
  • FORB ACADEMY GOLF MAT: The roll down practical mat is perfect for improving your technique in any conditions. Easy to transport, the roll-up design allows you to unfold and play anywhere - plus there's no heavy rubber base to hold you back!
  • PERFECT SIZE: 5ft x 3.2ft golf stance mat enables you to practice your golf game without creating any unwanted divots in your backyard!
  • REPLICATE THE FAIRWAY: 13mm (1/2in) artificial turf accurately replicates the touch and feel of a real golf fairway
  • INLCUDES GOLF TEES: Includes three removable rubber tees so you can practice with a range of golf clubs (35mm, 45mm, 55mm)
  • FAST DELIVERY: FORB golf mats are in stock and delivered extremely quickly by Net World Sports.

Also, it measures 5ft x 3.2ft thus allows you to practice your golfing skills without creating any undesired divots in the backyard. As well, it has 13mm artificial turf that accurately replicates the feel and touch of a real fairway. Moreover, it comes with 3 removable rubber tees thus allows you to practice a variety of golf clubs.


  • It is very easy to transport
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Measures 5ft x 3.2ft
  • Give you the best golf practice experience
  • Comes with 3 detachable rubber tees


  • Not ideal for smaller backyards

05. Rukket Twin-Turf Golf Hitting Grass Mat

It is portable and remarkably easy to set up thus allows you to practice anywhere. Also, it has extra thick rubber base that offers intense durability for the long practice sessions while keeping it firmly in place after every swing.

As well, it allows you practice from the rough or fairway to improve your game from home. Moreover, it comes with detachable rubber Rukket tee for practicing your woods. Moreover, you can easily and conveniently move it into your basement, backyard, garage as well as train all year around. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty thus you purchase with confidence.


  • It is portable and very easy to set up
  • Has extra thick rubber base for maximum durability
  • It is very stable
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It has a rubber base that may hold it back while folding it

06. Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Grass Mat

This remarkable golf practice mat allows you to practice all lies you desire with the tight, rough and fairway lie separation thus there will never a shot you won’t be prepared for on it.

It has extra thick rubber back that keeps it in place while practicing. As well, it is built with the highest standards with maximum durability and longevity. It has exceptional portability that lets you to set up this golf mat within few seconds as well is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warrant.


  • Allows you to train any lie
  • It has maximum durability and longevity
  • It is very portable and set up in seconds
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Has extra thick rubber back

07. PGM4860 4′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat

This golf practice mat features high-quality, durable 0.5” woven nylon turf that simulates playing on a neatly groomed tee box or fairway.

PGM4860 4' x 5' Emerald Par Golf Mat
  • 1/2" (.500) woven nylon turf
  • 5mm foam backing that prevents the mat from moving
  • One (1) 2" rubber tee holder is included
  • Simulates playing on a well groomed fairway or tee box
  • Made in the USA

Also, it has 5mm high quality foam backing that prevents it from moving while playing. As well, it has a thicker backing that assists to reduce club shock while driving your club into the golf mat. Additionally, it is a great mat for family use as well as can be utilized on any surface such as wood decks and concrete patios.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • With a thicker backing to prevent it from moving and reduce club shock
  • It can be used on any surface
  • It is ideal for family use


  • Require more energy to fold it up has it rubber backing that holds firmly to the surface

08. 36″ X 60″ XL Super Tee Golf Mat – Holds A Wooden Tee

It is made of 100-percent spring crimped, high-quality nylon material and won’t leave marks, weather, bunch or fade your clubs.

None 36" X 60" XL Super Tee Golf Mat - Holds A Wooden Tee
  • 1.250" Thick
  • 3' x 5' Golf Mat
  • Easy on your elbows and wrists
  • Hit down on the ball.
  • Holds a wooden tee

Also, it is 1,25” thicker with a urethane backing for maximum durability. This mat accepts real wooden tee that lets you to select various clubs you wish to hit at various heights. Moreover, it has dense fiber that lets you to feel the difference on a fat shot. In addition, it allows you hit down on the golf ball for superior practice.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Has urethane backing for maximum durability
  • It accepts real wooden tee
  • Allows you to hit down on the balls


  • It is thicker thus heavy

09. Golf Mat 3′ x 5′ Dura-Pro Plus Premium Commercial Golf Mat

This golf practice mat is made in the USA and is industrial bonded then thermally welded this prevents delamination.

Commercial Golf Mat - 3x5 Feet Premium Turf Indoor/Outdoor Mat for Hitting & Chipping - Golf Stance Mat for Pros & Beginners w/ Golf Accessories (Golf Tray + 3 Rubber Golf Tees)
  • TOP-RATED COMMERCIAL GOLF OUTDOOR MAT: The (3x5 feet) premium and portable turf & rubber mat used by golf courses, ranges and schools nationwide! These entry-level model mats come pre-punched w/ holes for rubber tees w/ a 5/8" heavy texturized rubber backing. Includes 3 free rubber tees--one 2 ¼ tee for fairway woods and one 3″ tee for drivers.
  • GOLF PRACTICE MAT FOR PROS AND BEGINNERS ALIKE: Golf hitting mat used in public golf courses or ranges and for people looking for entry level option with the premium level of padding. Made of 100% nylon 3D turf fibers and 30% denser than ordinary residential golf practice mats! Absorbs club shock, easy on the wrists and elbows of the pro and newbie alike. Non-slip, non-staining, and thermally bonded turf mat for longevity!
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY TO A TEE: Has a thin pile height on turf for entry-level model golf courses and ranges. Thermally bonded (not glued), has an all-weather resistant and 8-year UV sun protection. Resists tears, fading, curling and separation too! Perfect for your backyard golf chipping game, and hitting/chipping practice game.
  • GET LUXURIOUS MAT EXPERIENCE: Get that fairway divot feel when you swing fat or thin! Perfect for , commercial-use or when you can play golf cornhole chipping game at home! Feel the expensive experience wherever you are. Exceeds the industry standards for quality and durability.
  • ALL-GOLF EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES FROM YOUR TRUSTED BRAND: These are the best hitting or chipping mats

It is used by schools, ranges as well as golf courses worldwide. Also, it is ideal for both indoor or outdoor use with an outstanding feel. As well, has bura-pro tough turf which is 30-percent denser for maximum durability and remarkable gaming experience.


  • Ideal for a wide range of uses
  • Ideal for both outdoor or indoor use
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Ideal for use anywhere

10. Rukket 3pc Golf Net Bundle, 10x7ft Haack Golf Hitting Net

This amazing golf practice mat has Rukket four ply knotless optimum performance netting as well as unmatched ball roll back.

Rukket 3pc Golf Net Bundle, 10x7ft Haack Golf Hitting Net, Tri Turf Mat & Carry Bag, Practice Driving Indoor and Outdoor, Golfing at Home Swing Training Aids by SEC Coach Chris Haack
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Rukket 4 ply knotless high-performance netting & unmatched ball roll back feature
  • QUICK & EASY: 2-minute setup/breakdown for more practice. Lightweight and portable for golf practice anywhere! Comes with a durable carry bag.
  • LARGE area to collect even an errant shot at 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D. Safely swing inside or outside.
  • PORTABLE Tri-Turf Golf Mat: Tee Turf: Use a real golf tee to practice your driver and woods. Fairway/Rough: Just like being out on the course. Clean Lie: Hit off a perfectly clean lie for that PURE shot!
  • BUDGET Friendly Bundle: includes the Haack Golf Net ($199.99) and Mat Attack Tri-Turf Golf Mat ($59.99)

It is lightweight as well as portable for golf practice anywhere. It measures 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D thus has a huge area to collect an errant shot. Also, it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. In addition, it allows you to utilize a real golf tee to practice your woods and drivers.


  • Has a clean lie
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • It has a large area
  • Utilizes real golf tee


  • Not ideal for small backyards
  • Heavy


If you are planning to purchase the best golf practice mats, we recommend that you choose and purchase any of the above top 10 best golf practice mats in 2022. Because they have amazing features that makes them to perfectly suit all your golf practice needs.

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