The Best Knee Sleeves for Olympic Weightlifting – Buyer’s Guide & Top

People who participate in activities that involve vigorous leg movement may experience knee pains or injuries at a given time. Age is another cause of knee-related problems. Notably, accidents may also lead to serious injuries that may necessitate knee rehabilitation. Whichever way, we are all prone to knee injuries.

Luckily, the market has a sea of supportive braces that can be used to alleviate knee joint pains. Mind you, you need not injure your knee to use these sleeves. They also play a huge role in protecting your knees from future injuries.

Knee Support Sleeve Buying Guide

When hunting for these active gears, you’ll have to choose between those with the closed and open patella. Closed patella support sleeves offer consistent compression as that on other parts of the knee. Open patella sleeves have a thick stitching that offers extra support to the knee cap. Secondly, choose between wrap-around sleeves or slip-in. The former are known to provide customizable levels of comfort. However, they may be a bit hard to put on. The latter are easy to wear, but the size can’t be altered.

After identifying the type of sleeve you need, you should then determine your size. Most brands offer their sizes on the products’ page. Some also offer a guide on how to determine your ideal size. The sleeve should fit well without cutting circulation or sliding up or down during workouts.

1. Rehband Rx Knee Support

  • By: Rehband
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.6 x 1.2 inches 

With its stylish black and white theme, Rehband features unique patented design that aims at offering you optimum support to bring out the full potential in you.

Rehband Rx Knee Support 5mm - Medium - Black - Expand Your Movement + Cross Training Potential - Knee Sleeve for Fitness - Feel Stronger + More Secure - Relieve Strain - 1 Sleeve
  • Feel more confident and secure in any activity, from weekend warrior pursuits to powerlifting or elite competitive sports. The classic Rehband 5mm model provides knee support with comfortable, flexible, knee joint compression.
  • The Rehband knee support pattern construction is built on an anatomical fit so unique that it has been patented! Our 3-D contoured design is based on the actual contour of the leg, so it’s not just an angled tube.
  • The Rehband knee sleeve provides reinforcement all the way around the knee, and allows for a safe, optimal range of motion in any leg-driven activity - whether you’re an elite athlete or just casually active, and no matter how old you are.
  • Rehband has been a top-flight, dependable creator of knee supports and other joint support technology for decades, making only the highest quality handcrafted products since 1955.
  • If you’re like us, you want to make the best possible choices in your life, and for your health. Choose Rehband and find out why so many of the world’s most elite athletes select our knee sleeves over any others.
Specific Uses For ProductKnee Support
Model NameRehband Rx Knee Support 5mm
Age Range (Description)Adult

This is a handcrafted knee compression sleeve with 5mm neoprene that aims at keeping your muscles warm and with improved coordination. This knee support has an anatomical design that takes your contours without slipping. You, therefore, concentrate with your workout rather than pulling the sleeve up and down.

On the downside, at around 36 dollars, this knee support is way pricier given that you get 1 sleeve, not a pair.


  • It’s incredibly supportive
  • Have different sizes for all users
  • It’s durable


  • It’s pricey

2. Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves

  • By: Mava Sports
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

For those who are in need of a pair of knee support gear that can be worn throughout the day, this could be it. Mava distances itself from the crowd by incorporating bamboo charcoal fiber in its construction material.

Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeve Support for Men and Women. Perfect for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Running, Gym Workout, Squats and Pain Relief
  • Comfortable: Good knee support with no stiffness. No itching. No slipping. Full mobility & comfort.
  • Anatomically shaped: Prevent injuries and accelerate your recovery. Great for healing and rehab.
  • Pain relief from: osteoporosis, post-surgery pain, swelling as well as strains and sprains.
  • Wear Everyday: Easy to wear thanks to its light and soft material. Unisex. Can be worn all day.
  • Perfect for cross training, weight lifting, gym workouts and any other types of exercises MATERIAL COMPOSITION: bamboo charcoal fiber, spandex and latex.
Specific Uses For ProductArthritis,Pain Relief,Knee Support,Osteoarthritis,Swelling,Osteoporosis
BrandMava Sports
Sport TypeBasketball, Alpine Skiing, Climbing, Camping and Hiking, Cycling, Dance, Exercise & Fitness, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Kneeboarding, Ice Skaing, Multi-Sport, Rowing, Running, Rugby, Snowboarding, Tennis, Triathlon, Yoga, WalkingBasketball, Alpine Skiing, Climbing, Camping and Hiking, Cycling, Dance, Exercise & Fitness, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Kneeboarding, Ice Skaing, Multi-Sport, Rowing, Running, Rugby, Snowboar…
Special FeatureAdjustable, lightweight

As such, it’s breathable, air-wicking, and anti-bacterial. Even better, it won’t cause any itching or irritation. Mava Knee Support Sleeves have been excellently knit and retain their shape even after washing.

However, there are claims that the sleeves roll down easily. As such, they may not give the best experience in vigorous activities.


  • Have bamboo charcoal infusion
  • Great for injured-knee rehabilitation


  • Some slip easily

3. Nordic Lifting Knee Support & Compression Sleeves

  • By: Nordic Lifting
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

Designed for use by both men and women, Nordic Lifting is your go-to support gear for powerlifting, CrossFit, weightlifting, and squats. They are also ideal for other fitness activities including running, volleyball, basketball, jogging, etc.

Bracoo Adjustable Compression Knee Patellar Tendon Support Brace for Men Women - Arthritis Pain, Injury Recovery, Running, Workout, KS10 (Black)
  • Customisable Open-Patella Design - Popular orthopaedic brace relieves pressure and stress on the knee-joint during exercise; fully adjustable straps can be attached to almost any exterior point helping to prevent slippage and accommodate a broad range of users.
  • Reinforced Stabilizer Ring - Ensures the knee cap remains in proper position during flexion and extension, helping to evenly distribute stress across the ACL, PCL, LCL & MCL ligaments; Increased stability leads to improved leg alignment for optimal loading and recovery.
  • Effective Relief & Support - Eases chronic and acute knee pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains and fatigue; ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation or use in sports such as walking, hiking, golf, cycling and many more.
  • Breathable & Skin-Friendly - Premium-grade neoprene increases circulation resulting in faster healing time: tiny perforations in the fabric help reduce unwanted moisture, itchiness and odours.
  • Universal Fit - Single support, wearable on either the left or right knee - adjustable high-grip strapping fits knees from 12.5" to 18" (32 to 46cm) in circumference.
Specific Uses For ProductArthritis
Use forKnees
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)

Nordic Lifting offers both support and compression. They have a warming effect that makes them ideal for injured knee and muscle rehabilitation. They also have a full year no-questions replacement guarantee.


  • Full year replacement guarantee
  • Come in all sizes


  • None identified

4. Trideer Knee Support Sleeves

  • By: Trideer
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

This pair of knee support sleeves by Tridder is designed for use by both men and women. It’s a heavy-duty pair meant for heavyweight lifting and other strenuous activities.

Trideer is made of lightweight and durable neoprene. This helps in retaining body heat around the muscle which facilitates faster recovery from fatigue. In addition, it’s designed in an air-wicking design which helps in keeping you cool and dry with no itchiness or weird irritation.

Trideer also has professional stitches. These will not only prevent them from ripping off but also offer your muscles greater coordination.

However, as noted earlier on, these sleeves are made of neoprene. Consequently, they are not fit for use for more than 4 hours. So, if you need a pair, you can be in for hours, go for other units on this list.


  • Never roll up or down
  • Are durable
  • Has 1-year warranty


  • Not fit for long hours

5. Venom Neoprene Knee Sleeve Support

  • By: Venom Sports Fitness
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

This Venom Sleeve Support is what you need if you’re looking for a unit that will support your knee without being obtrusive to your natural movement. This sleeve is specially built for people who have arthritis, knee joint pain, and runner’s knee amongst other complications.

Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace - Elastic Support & Side Stabilizers, Runner's Knee, Jumper's Knee, Arthritis Pain, ACL, Basketball, Soccer, Crossfit, Lifting, Running, Sports, Men, Women
  • SUPERIOR JOINT SUPPORT: The knitted composition offers targeted compression and support of the joint while retaining heat to reduce inflammation. Perfect solution for fans of running, hiking, tennis, golf, soccer, volleyball, cycling, basketball, softball, baseball, CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting and many other athletic activities.
  • ALLEVIATES PAIN & DISCOMFORT: The gel inlay provides enhanced cushioning to reduce pain and lessens the chance of further injury such as Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, ACL / MCL / PCL / LCL Tears, Runner’s Knee, Jumper's Knee and many other chronic or minor types of injuries.
  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The firm yet flexible grip allows you to focus on the activity rather than worrying about constant readjustment.
  • ELIMINATES BUNCHING: The elastic fabric and lightweight design simultaneously minimizes bunching and ensures unrestricted movement so you can perform a variety of exercises including squats and lunges with comfort and ease.
  • SIZING OPTIONS: Available in sizes S, M, L, XL for a secured fit. Please refer to our size chart shown in the pictures in order to determine accurate sizing. As a bonus, you will receive a complimentary PDF guide with various recovery exercises for your knee.
Specific Uses For ProductAcl,Pcl,Meniscus Tear,Arthritis,Lcl,Mcl
BrandVenom Sports Fitness
Sport TypeTennis, Weightlifting, Cycling, Golf, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Running, Basketball, Softball

It edges out the competition by incorporating gel inlay in its construction. Besides adding more support, this gel material also acts as a cushion. It protects the already-injured knee and prevents future injuries. Also, it keeps the muscles warm which hastens the recovery process.

As said before, Venom Knee Support is flexible. You can still engage in activities including biking, baseball, volleyball, and basketball.


  • Has a gel padding for advanced support
  • It’s lightweight
  • Doesn’t slip


  • Pricey

6. Barefitpro Knee Sleeve Support

  • By: Barefitpro
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

Right from the design, one will tell that these support sleeves aim at offering you unrivaled support either at the gym or in any other workout activity. They are made of a flexible neoprene material that will provide you consistent compression without cutting your circulation.

The open patella allows full range of motion while protecting the knee from dangerous moves that could lead to further injuries.

Most of its users are highly pleased with its functionality. They are especially head over heels in love with its premium stitching that makes it durable and versatile. Barefitpro Knee Support also comes in different sizes and can also be purchased as a pair or a single unit.


  • Have quality stitching
  • 1-year warranty
  • Superior joint support


  • Has acute rubber smell when new

7. TechWare Pro Knee Compression Sleeve

  • By: Tech Ware Pro
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

TechWare has a perfect balance between premium construction and affordability. This support sleeve is ideal for running, CrossFit, jogging, hiking, wrestling, soccer, etc.

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Use forEyes
Size83 ML
Age Range (Description)Adult

It’s made of high-grade breathable materials. It offers your incredible knee support using flexible springs and a gel pad.

Moreover, it’s fitted with 2 elastic and professionally stitched cuffs that keep it in place without bunching. On this note too, TechWare offers graduated compression and therapeutic warmth that lead to improved blood circulation. This translates to improved performance and less fatigue.

Unfortunately, TechWare is yet to introduce smaller, XL, and XXL versions of this knee support brace.


  • It’s ergonomically designed
  • Stays put
  • Made to last


  • Available in medium and large sizes only

8. PURE SUPPORT Compression Knee Sleeve

  • By: Pure Support
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

If you’re suffering from a meniscus tear, tendonitis, jumpers and runners knee or any other knee joint pains, you should consider having a brace that covers a larger portion of your foot. If you fit this description, then look no further than this support sleeve by Pure Support.

It’s made of elastic hypoallergenic fabrics that offer optimum compression and warmth. This leads to impressive joint pain relief and quick recovery if you’ve just undergone knee surgery.

Its best perk is that though tight, it’s not restrictive to movement and doesn’t subject you to risks of blood clots.


  • 100% risk-free investment
  • Offers graduated compression
  • Is non-slip


  • Their size chart seems to be mixed up

9. Bracoo Breathable Knee Support Sleeve

  • By: Bracoo
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 4 inches

Bracoo is amongst the most renowned brands in activewear business. Its sleeves and braces top most lists not only because of their affordability but their durability and comfort too.

This knee support sleeve, for instance, is made of breathable neoprene and has a deluxe black finish. It’s easy to put on and off. It’s fitted with 3 strong Velcro straps that offer customizable comforts depending on the user’s need. Its adjustable design also makes it ideal for different users.

Bracoo Knee Support Sleeve also has an open patella construction layout. It boasts a soft all-around padding that helps in supporting the knee cap preventing further injuries.


  • Has an open patella design
  • It’s fully adjustable


  • Its one-size design may not fit all

10. Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Support/Compression Sleeve

  • By: Ultra Flex Athletics
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

Ultra Flex tops our list as the most reviewed knee support sleeve in 2022 reviews. It also stands out as the most highly rated active gear on Amazon with an unbelievable 4.8/5 star rating. This is quite an impressive rating especially for a product that has been reviewed by over 4k customers.

Ultra Flex is designed to offer you an incredible amount of support in all types of sporting activities. It also relieves you of joint pains and hastens recovery from tendonitis, arthritis, etc.


  • Easy to wear
  • Stays put


  • It’s pricey. However, it’s worth every buck

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