Top 10 Outdoor Curtains Reviewed for 2022

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When it comes to the design and decoration of your patio or balcony of your ranch house, the outdoor curtain cannot be missed since it plays the important roles for the users. Basically, the curtain could block the sunlight, rain, and other dust from coming in.

Also, it provides more privacy for the users as they desire. More interestingly, the curtain adds the classic and elegant sense to your place. However, with the surging demands and trend of this product, it gives rise to the large variety of this curtains. With such a wide range of different product, the customer finds it hard to make a right purchasing decision.

For this reason. HQ Text brings together the top 10 outdoor curtains with the in-depth review of its special features and recommendation. These selected products gain the positive comments and feedback from the previous users. Hence, with this articles, we believe you could find the product that fits your needs.

Best Outdoor Curtains – Editor’s Pick

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Customer Purchasing Guide:

  • The most important thing to look for when buying the outdoor is its fabric since it will expose to the outer environment permanently. The recommended one should be the fabric that is water-resistant, thick enough to give shade and block the sun rays. Normally, the polyester is the most common fabric used to make the curtain.
  • Grommets should come ready and attached to the curtain so you don’t need to install it one by one. The grommets are normally made using the nickel or stainless steel that does not rust in the long run.
  • Sizes also play an important part in every spaces, patio, the garden is different in size. Therefore, you should look for the curtain that fits well to your place.

10. Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Drape

  • By: Greendale Home Fashions
  • Item Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 52 x 1 x 84 inches

The first outdoor curtain that appears on this year’s list belongs to the product of Greendale Home Fashions. Basically, this outdoor curtain is a perfect decoration for your patio, balcony, or deck. Made using the thick fabric, it could block the Ultraviolet and give you the coverage when there is rain or sandstorm.

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In addition, it gives you the privacy as much as you need with the thick fabric and dark shade. More importantly, this Greendale outdoor drape is made in different shade and colors offering more choices for the users. Also, Greendale designs this curtains with the two different lengths, 84 inches, and 95 inches. Therefore, you can choose the best size and colors based on your preferences.

Special Features:

  • HIgh-quality material: Made using the 100% weather-resistant polyester fabric.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Shade: with the heavy-weight and thick fabric, it could provide you the privacy while enjoying the outdoor life.
  • Credible Durability: Greendale uses the 1.5-inch stainless steel grommets with the curtain providing extra long-lasting durability.
  • Available Colors: Salsa, Marine, and Kiwi.

9. Rose Home Fashions Outdoor Curtains

  • By: Rose Home Fashion
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 7.6 x 2.6 inches

Another outdoor curtain on this year list is the product of Rose Home Fashions. This outdoor drape would make an ideal decoration for your patio or upper deck of your ranch house. Particularly, Rose Home Fashions equips this product with all features it requires to accommodate the outdoor activities.

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BrandRose Home Fashion
Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash

Specifically, it uses the semi-sheer material that resistant to any weather and repellent to water. Also, the curtain is attached with the stainless-steel grommets making it ready to hang on the wall. More importantly, Rose Home Fashions makes this drape in the size of 84 inches in length which fits best to most of the places.

Special Features:
  • Enhanced Durability: Weather-resistant materials along with the anti-rust grommets make this curtain to last long in the tough outdoor environment.
  • Ready to Use: the product is delivered with everything ready to use, you just need to hang it to the rod. The fabric is wrinkle-free which doesn’t require additional ironing.
  • Easy Care: cold washing in the machine with the low-temperature ironing is recommended for the long-lasting quality.
  • Semi-opaque fabric: The half opacity of this curtain could provide you the privacy while maintaining the beautiful view.

8. Outdoor Decor Coastal Stripe Cabana Panel

  • By: Outdoor decor
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 108 x 50 x 3 inches

Outdoor Decor also presents its latest designed curtain featuring the coastal stripe. The pattern makes this outdoor curtain a perfect setting for your holiday home. Basically, it could provide you with the undisclosed privacy, sunblocking shelter, as well as the elegant and classy design to your place.

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MaterialSpun Polyester
BrandOutdoor Décor

Moreover, this outdoor curtain is a built-to-last product with the high-quality fabric as well as the long-lasting and resistant grommets. Furthermore, Outdoor Decor makes this product ready to use without any additional installation. Also, the curtain is easy to care as well, you can wash it by hand or machine-wash.

Special Features:
  • Durable Material: The curtain is made of 100% polyester that is resistant to the harsh weather.
  • Ready-to-Use: No more installation needed, you can just put the grommet rings on the cord; then it’s ready to go.
  • Multi-purpose: This curtain set can be used in any environment whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Coastal Stripe Pattern: the striped shade offers the elegant and relaxing mood for your place.
  • Available in three colors and sizes per your preference.

7. Sunbrella Outdoor Curtain

  • By: Sunbrella
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 120 x 50 x 1 inches

Sunbrella also has one of its product on this year list. It is the outdoor curtain specifically designed for the heavy duty while requiring the minimal care.  In particular, Sunbrella uses the top-notch cotton fabric known best for its durability and resistance to all kinds of weather.

No products found.

BrandHatteras Hammocks
ColorDupione Pearl
Top StyleGrommet

However, this heavy-duty fabric comes in lightweight making it easier for the user to assemble and care. Also, Sunbrella curtain boasts with the nickel-plated grommets allowing you to roll the curtain easily. More interestingly, Sunbrella features this outdoor curtain with the design of pattern and colors that brings out the top-of-its-class elegance and delicacy.

Special Features:
  • Heavy-Duty Rated: the curtain is made to withstand the harsh weather for the outdoor use.
  • Minimal Care: this curtain does not require complicated caring mechanism. You can either wash it by hand or in the machine.
  • A wide range of Sizes and colors: the curtain comes in a variety of size according to your needs.  Also, there are six colors to choose from such white pearl, black charcoal, etc.

6. Cross Land Thermal Insulated Outdoor Curtains

  • By: Cross Land
  • Item Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 2 x 14.2 inches

And here is another outdoor curtain that makes it to this year’s list from Cross Land. This outdoor curtain brings along the latest technology that aims to provide the user with the extra comfort in the outdoor environment while maintaining the privacy and the elegant design.

No products found.

Special FeatureSemi-Sheer
BrandCross Land

Particularly, Cross Land makes this curtains using the latest developed thermal-insulated polyester fabric. Such fabric does not block the heat from entering but also protect the user from the UV ray as well. Moreover, the polyester is long-known for its water-repellent quality which makes it an ideal product for the outdoor use. Along with the stainless-steel grommet, this outdoor curtains could be your last pieces of outdoor curtain you buy for your house.

Special Features:
  • Thermal-insulated and well-ventilated Fabric: the specially-designed polyester could trap the heat outside. However, the breathable layer of the fabric helps the ventilate the place.
  • Wrinkle-free and delicate Texture: the oxford polyester fabric is also an easy-to-care type of fabric which does not require ironing after the machine wash.
  • Stylish Choice of Color: Five colors available for this curtain that you can choose from ranging from the dark grey to the light blue.

5. PONY DANCE Front Porch Outdoor Curtain

  • Item Weight: 1.86 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 95 x 52 x 0.8 inches

Here we have another top-quality outdoor curtain in this year list, and it is the product of PONY DANCE. This ready-made outdoor curtain can be hanged on your patio immediately after unpacking with no additional installation needed. This curtain set is perfectly designed for the use in the outdoor environment.

No products found.

MaterialPolyester, Polyester Blend
Special Feature防水
ColorGreyish White

Particularly, PONY Dance uses the 100% polyester to make the fabric of this curtain. Basically, this polyester is long known for its resistance to water, mildew, and fade. More interestingly, this outdoor curtain could protect from the UV ray up to 95%, and protect you from the strong wind while reserving your privacy as you need.

Special Features:
  • High-quality materials: the uses of polyester makes the curtain soft but strong enough to block the wind and protect the UV ray from coming in.
  • Easy care: the polyester has the advantages of washing since it can be wash by machines and quick to dry. Also, you can iron it quickly to remove the wrinkle.
  • A wide range of colors available: seven colors of this curtain available ranging from the greyish white to the fresh grass green.

4. NICETOWN Patio Outdoor Privacy Curtain

  • Item Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 95 x 52 x 0.2 inches

The favorite brand for the home product, NICETOWN, also has one of its product in this year best outdoor curtain list. And NICETOWN features this curtain with the qualities making it an ideal product for your patio or the balcony. In particular, this outdoor curtain is made using the 100% polyester allowing it to be totally repellent to water, resistant to mildew and the bacteria, and protective from UV Rays.

No products found.

Special FeatureWindow Treatments, Soundproof, Waterproof, Blackout, Rustproof grommets
ColorBiscotti Beige

More importantly, the soft but strong fabric could block the wind and sunlight from entering providing extra privacy to the users. On the other hand, NICETOWN makes this curtain available in three sizes allowing the user to choose the right one for their place.

Special Features:
  • Customer-centric Design: the curtain comes ready for use with the 1.9-inch loops that slide easily on the curtain cord. Also, the design makes the curtain available in different length for various space.
  • Functional and Durable Material: the use of polyester does not only make the product soft and weather-resistant but also providing the protection and privacy as well.
  • Easy Care: the curtain will stay wrinkle-free even after the long use, or after the machine washes and steam clean.

3. RYB Home Outdoor Curtain for Patio

  • By: RYB HOME 
  • Item Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 95 x 52 x 0.2 inches

RYB Home’s curtain has also made it to this year’s list, and its qualities could justify its ranking here. Particularly, this outdoor curtain contains what it needs for the perfect curtain including the protection, strong wind blocking, and privacy.

No products found.

Special FeatureWindow Treatments, Blackout

Specifically, RYB Home uses the high-quality 100% polyester as the fabric of this curtain. Polyester is a soft but strong fabric that could block the strong wind and protect the UV ray from affecting the skin of the users. Along with the multi-layer design, the curtain is blackout providing the privacy to users as they need. More importantly, this curtain comes ready for use with its tab loops already attached. You can just hang it to the curtain rods.

Special Features:
  • Multifunctional Design: UV protection, wind-block, and privacy protection are the qualities this curtain could offer.
  • Long-lasting Material: the water-repellent and weather-resistant fabric, as well as the anti-rust grommets, provide the durability in the long run even under any environment.
  • Easy Care: Machine washable, quick dry and ironing.
  • Wide-range of choices: Three sizes and five colors are available.

2. ChadMade Antique Outdoor Curtain

  • By: ChadMade
  • Item Weight: 2.89 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 3 inches

The runner-up of this year’s best outdoor curtain belongs to the antique set of ChadMade. This outdoor curtain will help to transform your patio into an idyllic outdoor recreational and relaxing space. In particular, ChadMade’s curtain offers you with the UV ray protection, light control, thermal insulation, water repellent, and mildew resistance.

No products found.

Top StyleGrommet

And these qualities are contributed by the top-quality fabric of polyester. Such fabric is soft in its nature but strong in term of blocking the strong wind and protecting the sunlight. More interestingly, the multi-layer design makes the fabric insulated from the heat from outside offering the cool and chilling environment. The curtain also comes with the iron grommet holes that fit with all kinds of curtain cords.

Special Features:
  • Safe, healthy and relaxing environment: offering the UV protection up to  99% and effectively impede the heat from outside.
  • Easy Care: washable in the machine as well as steam clean. Wrinkle-free, therefore, no need regular ironing.
  • A wide range of choices: ChadMade offers the largest collection of the curtain in terms of sizes and colors allowing you to select the best one for your space.

1. Shatex Outdoor Curtain Panel for Patio

  • By: Shatex
  • Item Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 10.5 x 1 inches

Finally, we have found the number one curtain panel for your outdoor space, and it belongs to the product of Shatex. And this outdoor curtain could crown this top ranking due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, Shatex uses the top-notch quality of fabric to make this curtain. This specially crafted fabric is totally repellent to water, resistant to all kind of weather.

No products found.

Top StyleTab Top
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash

Furthermore, this curtain could provide you with the shade that blocks the sun’s UV rays from coming in. However, it might blocks the sun rays, but it still maintains the wind flow to your space; thanks to the multi-layer fabric design. Additionally, Shatex offers the users with their privacy as much as they need. This curtain could also block the noise from outside at some level as well. Moreover, this curtain comes with the nickel-made grommets making it ready and easy to put on the cords.

Special Features:
  • Enhanced and long-lasting Durability: The weather-resistant fabric along with the anti-rust grommets could get this curtain to last for years.
  • Special Maintenance: Machine Washable not recommended. You could spray and wash with the hose in cold water. However, it does not require regular ironing since the fabric is wrinkle-free.
  • Ready-to-Use Curtain: No need extra installation since the curtain comes with the grommets ready to be hanged.

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