Top 10 Potty Seats with Ladder for 2022

Potty training is amongst the easiest courses that a toddler takes in life. However, it could easily turn out to be the hardest if not done in the right way.

While it’s way too easy for them to use the standalone potties, it takes careful consideration before they can graduate to mommy and daddy’s toilet. Here, the first impression is imperative and dictates how fast they are going to get used to the ‘big toilet’.

Life is difficult. You don’t want to harden it further through lengthy and painstaking potty classes, do you? No! So, how do you make it easier for you and your champ too? Or how do you choose a ladder potty that will make this exercise effortless?

Firstly, make it fun. You do this by purchasing a potty with an inviting and playful design. Choose a trainer with your child’s favorite colors. On this note too, opt for a lightweight unit that they can set up all by themselves. Consequently, they’ll always be willing to always climb thereby doing you a fat favor since they learn fast.

Secondly, it better be safe. Make sure that the whole thing doesn’t wobble all over the place. This may kill their confidence and leave your big toilet for good. As such, it should have non-slip feet and stable handrail. The footrest should also be wide enough for their optimum comfort.

It should also be height adjustable. This will lead to a graduated and hassle-free transition.

1. Kids Kit 3-in-1 Potty Training Seat

  • By: KidsKit 
  • Item Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 33.5 x 16.1 inches

With all its bright and cheerful colors, KidsKit aims at making your task easy and fun with every stage.

KidsKit 3 in 1 Potty Training Seat Potty Chair | Potty Seat Training Sturdy Non-Slip Ladder, Toilet Seat Reducer Portable Potty
  • The KidsKit potty training seat features three products in one. It is the portable potty seat that will adjust to every stage of your child’s potty seat training so they could learn to use the toilet independently.
  • Self standing potty seat for toilet designed with bright & cheerful colors will encourage your toddler to want to use a potty chair everyday. A potty training seat for boys and girls made with skid proof, non slip materials & sturdy floor grippers.
  • This is the only portable potty seat made to use on-the-toilet with a built-in step stool, and a comfortable, toddler toilet seat insert for toilet seat training.
  • This portable potty seat for toddlers can be detached and converted into a a child-size toilet seat with its toilet seat insert.
  • A potty training seat for boys and girls ideal for 12 months to 36 months of age & up to 44 lbs in weight. This 3 in 1 potty training seat is a great folding potty seat that can easily be cleaned with mild soap & water, & is ideal for travel & storage.
Assembly RequiredYes
Is FoldableYes

KidsKit is a 3-in-1 Potty Training Seat meant for toddlers aged 2-3 years. It claims to be the only self-standing potty with a chair. After some time, the potty basin can be removed for use on-the-toilet. Later on, the footrest and handrail can be removed altogether and leave the toddler toilet seat when the child is tall enough.


  • It’s a 3-in-1 potty
  • It’s friendly


  • Setting up is somehow tricky

2. Cushie Step Up

  • By: Mommy’s Helper
  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 3 inches

Cushie Step Up is not only the leading potty in this list but also the #1 best-seller on Amazon. It’s also the lightest at 2.5 pounds and also easy to set up. As such, the toddlers can set it up on the family toilet seat all by themselves.

Mommy's Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up, 1 Count
  • Tip: Potty Seat can be placed on top of the existing toilet seat OR the toilet rim depending on height and opening of toilet in order to provide maximum stability.Easy assembly no tools required
  • Fits toilets ranging in height from 16” to 18.5” from floor to toilet bowl seat.Folds for easy storage
  • Extra wide non slip floor pads.Seat measures 13.5” from front to back and 11.75” from side to side.
  • Non slip handles.Opening measures 7” from front to back and 5.65” from side to side.
  • Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats

Cushie uses a thick cushion seat and a wide footrest to make an enjoyable first-time experience followed by more days of real fun. The legs also have wide pads to prevent them from sliding.


  • Has a wide footrest
  • Has wide non-slide foot pads


  • It’s lightweight and may wobble a bit

3. Chummie Joy Ladder Potty

  • By: Chummie 
  • Item Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 3 inches 

Chummie is a potty trainer for toddlers aged 1-3 years and weighing up to 60 pounds. It has a universal design that fits most toilets.

Chummie Joy 6 In 1 Portable Potty Training Ladder Step Up Seat For Boys And Girls With Anti-Skid Feet, Adjustable Steps, Comfortable Potty Seat And Handrail,Multi-Color
  • SAFE DESIGN - Anti-skid feet ensure that unlike other potty’s, the Joy Potty Trainer does not move around and stays firmly in place when in use; non-slip handrails provide support when children are seated
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – Ideal for children of varying heights who want to use the portable potty trainer, which makes it a perfect addition to a growing child as he/she is learning to potty train
  • BRIGHT FUN COLORS - With bright fun colors, make potty training a fun experience; children will want to use their potty daily and be more inclined to potty train faster
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats. So you can now have the perfect size stool for your child. The large, wide step will help your child climb up and down with ease
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS – Assembles in minutes without special tools and folds for easy storage; environmentally friendly, 100% non-toxic; ideal for children 1 year to 3 years old and safely sits up to 60 lbs

It also has adjustable height feet making it possible to use it on tall toilets. Chummie uses 3 bright and children-impressive colors. It’s also lightweight at 3.8lbs. Therefore, your champ can easily carry it to mommy and daddy’s toilet and set it up themselves (of course with some supervision).

Did I tell you that the legs are fitted with anti-skid pads?


  • Have bright colors
  • Compatible with different toilet seats


  • Concern about wobbling units

4. Nestling Children Potty with Ladder Steps

  • By: N/A
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

Nestling has one of the best toilet potty trainers. Its design is sure enough to help your kids catch up with the rest of the family pretty fast.

Firstly, it weighs 3.6 pounds and folds flat. This is a superb feature especially for homes where space is to be considered first. It also assembles and disassembles easily and tool-free.

For your kid’s safety, Nestling has a non-slip handrail and step. It also features smooth but sturdy ergonomic handles on both handrails both for comfort and security. This ladder has anti-slip feet and a lock to keep it in place. Its height can also be raised or lowered to fit different toilet seats.

Moreover, Nestling has bright children-friendly colors. The kids will always be looking for any reason to climb there which will lead to faster training.


  • Have kid-friendly colors
  • Has a lock for stability
  • Is height adjustable


  • None so far

5. Costzon 3-in-1 Baby Potty Training

  • By: Costzon 
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

Costzon Potty Trainer is way cheaper than Nestling above. However, it’s hard to single out one that is more aesthetically appealing than the other.

Costzon Kids Potty Step Trainer Toddler Training Seat Sturdy Non-Slip Ladder (New Model, Blue)
  • GREAT QUALITY - Made of Polypropylene Plastic which is a non-toxic, odorless material. The seat cover is made of water resistant PU which is durable and soft. Filled with environmental-friendly EVA foam, the whole Potty Training Seat is secure enough for babies’ use.
  • EASY-TO-USE DESIGN - This portable potty seat features three products in one which can be adjusted to every stage of your child’s potty seat training so that they could learn to use the toilet independently: FUNCTION 1: It can be considered as an independent toddler toilet; FUNCTION 2: It can be adjusted as a toilet step to fit your toilet at home; FUNCTION 3: You can directly set the seat part to your toilet which is more suitable for your baby's use.
  • With bright and cheerful color( Blue or Pink), it encourages your baby to use their potty seat every day. A removable basin for quick clean-up.
  • Passed relevant European Standards EN71 and ASTM F963 Standards, this Costzon 3 in 1 Baby Potty Training Seat deserves your purchase!
  • As for the authentic size, please refer to the TWO pictures about the size. Weight capacity: 66 lbs. Note: The product is ONLY suitable for children between 18 months and 4 years old.

Costzon is recommended for kids aged 1-4 years of age. It’s crafted from lightweight but strong polypropylene material. The material is stain-resistant and thus easy to keep clean. Its cheerful colors and a padded basin will be the reason its owner will want to be on it every day. Again, it comes in 2 colors; blue and pink.

The handrails, step, and handles are all anti-skid and, therefore, pose no risk to the child. The potty basin is easily removable. It’s also easy to clean it whenever it gets soiled.

A little setback, though, several users report that the ladder is a little wobbly. As such, you may want to accompany your little one before they get used to it.


  • Available in blue and pink
  • Has a padded basin


  • Wobbles a bit

6. Kwanchan New Toilet Trainer

  • By: kwanchan
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Product Dimensions: N/A 

With its sleek modern design, Kwanchan will not only help with toilet training but also give your bathroom a decent look. It’s also lightweight enough for the owner to carry around and set up.

NEW Toilet Trainer Potty Seat Step Ladder Folding Toilet Training Toddler Poddy
  • A comfortably padded potty seat with a built in fold-up non-slip step stool from Mommy's Helper. It is thickly cushioned for comfort and confidence. This designed to allow you to fold up and store most anywhere between uses. It has extra soft non-slip handles for comfort and extra wide non-slip floor pads for security. This is easy assembly no tools required and fit standard and most elongated toilet seats.
  • Mommys Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up Padded Potty Seat with Step Stool is the perfect potty training tool! This ergonomically thickly cushioned contoured seat with built in deflector and specially molded non slip handles provide the ultimate comfort for child. After use simple fold for compact storage between uses.

It has a padded seat, so your child’s soft behind won’t get hurt. This toilet trainer also has non-skid feet that make it safe on all floors. The handrail is also smooth but non-slip. Moreover, Kwanchan has 2 ergonomically molded handles that give your kid comfortable and safe experiences.

Again, you can later fold the trainer and tuck it away between uses.


  • It has a decent look
  • Non-slip materials used


  • None identified

7. Coreykin Toilet Trainer Potty

  • By: Coreykin 
  • Item Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 14.6 x 3.5 inches

In case you felt that the trainers we’ve reviewed so far aren’t safe enough for your kid, you need to see this. Coreykin is designed for children aged 2-7 years.

It distances itself from others by using thicker materials. Though this makes it heavier on the other side, the potty is safer and will be used for quite a long time. Its feet with non-slip pads are also worth noting.

The ladder pedal is screwed onto the supporting legs with plastic nuts. Its height can be adjusted as your child gains height.

Corekin also features a splash guard for hygienic purposes. Without forgetting, the trainer is also made of 100% non-toxic and friendly materials.


  • Has a splash guard
  • Made of non-toxic materials


  • A bit heavy for the kids to carry

8. ToddlerMate Step UP Potty

  • By: ToddlerMate
  • Item Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 24 inches

Next is this Step Up Potty by Toddlermate. It’s designed for 2-3 years toddlers and fits comfortably on both standard and elongated toilets. It’s designed to assemble quickly and easily with no special tools for that matter.

ToddlerMate Step UP Potty Seat - Safe & Comfortable Design - Yellow & Red
  • ✅ Fits standard and most elongated toilets - Folds away quickly & easily for convenient storage
  • ✅ Features a contoured seat for your child’s comfort, with non slip handles & sturdy floor grippers for their safety as well
  • ✅ Bright cheerful colors encourage your toddler to want to use their potty chair everyday, making life easier for you!!
  • ✅ Easy to assemble, no tools required
  • ✅ Suitable for toddlers from 12 months to 36 months, so grab yours for your little one today!!!

Its bright yellow and red colors are both attractive and make it friendly to toddlers. Toddlermate features a contoured seat and offers a comfortable and secure fit. It also has a splash guard to keep the seat clean.

Toddlermate is also wide enough for the users to turn and undress with no risk of losing balance!


  • Has sturdy non-slip feet
  • It’s wide


  • Concern about some faulty seats

9. Generic Toilet Training Seat

  • By: Generic
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 7 inches

Generic is designed to offer your 6 months- 6 years old an easy and safe transition to ’’Do it myself.’’ It’s lightweight, sturdy, and effortless to assemble. It fits on standard and some elongated toilets.

One of its easily visible features is the thick legs with stable feet to prevent it from wobbling or moving around with weight. The legs’ height is also adjustable for use with tall toilets.

Its blue and white theme together with the hare face again makes it both cheerful and friendly.


  • It’s attractive
  • It’s height adjustable


  • Some parents say that it feels cheap

10. BBCare Baby Toilet Seat with Ladder

  • By: BBCare
  • Item Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.4 x 4 inches

BBCare is another easily affordable and well-built toilet seat for your kids. The manufacturer has capitalized much on making it both enjoyable and safe. The distance between the 2 handles, for instance, is wide enough to allow the user undo their zips and buttons.

It also has extra-wide and elongated grippers to hold firmly without making any moves. It also has a wide anti-skid step that will allow them to climb and down with lots of fun and safely.

Its ease of folding and easy assembly are simply a dead giveaway.


  • It’s spacious
  • Has a wide step


  • Some parents say the stoppers don’t prevent sliding

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