Top 10 Best Products for Plantar Fasciitis in 2023 Reviews

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Plantar Fasciitis, the most common cause of the heel pain you normally experience. This disorder normally happened to those who regularly walk in the high-heel shoes that bend your foot. Or another case, it happens to overweight people. To those who suffer from foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, I feel sorry for that. However, you need the assistant kit to help to combat the pain without having disturbing your work routine. There are many items available online that help you to go through with the plantar fasciitis cure.

Best products for Plantar Fasciitis – Editor’s Pick

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By doing some online research, I have discovered the top 10 assistant kit that can help you relieve the foot pain. These items vary from night splint, socks, foot pads, inserts. They can help you curbing with your plantar fasciitis cure differently.

10. PROFOOT Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics

  • By: Profoot
  • Item Weight: 1.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 4.2 x 9.8 inches 

Another technique for plantar fasciitis cure is the uses of orthotics. Profoot released its newly developed orthotics that help to cure the disorder without needing to affect the daily work routine of the female patients.

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Size1 Pair (Pack of 1)
Item FormPlantar Fasciitis
ColorPale Gray

American Podiatric Medical Association has clinically proved this technique to relieve the heel pain effectively. To use these orthotics, you need to place it in the heel area against the back shoe. It is 3/4 length insert of your shoes only, but it supports entire width of the plantar fascia and cradles tender heel. The product features soft cushioning protects sensitive feet, firm arch support and a gel heel inserts for added shock absorption. The orthotics are lightweight which help to prevent fatigue while you are walking on it. For a quick reminder, Profoot designs these orthotics only for the female patients of plantar fasciitis.

9. MARS Wellness Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Night Splint

  • By: MARS Wellness
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

Definitely, the night splint is a great and non-disturbing way to fight your plantar fasciitis. This night splint by MARS Wellness is made to keep the patient’s ankle free from pain overnight. And it also helps to stretch the calf and plantar fascia while the patients are asleep. The plantar fasciitis stretch helps to reduce the often-occurred muscle contracture, inflammation, and other foot pain. This splint features sturdy and breathable shell with the padded strap which makes it easier to adjust the tension. The dual-tension straps allow the patient to increase the flexion and foot angle for the pain relieving stretch. In addition, it has a washable Lycra covering that keep the skin comfort, cool and dry.

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Specific Uses For ProductPlantar Fasciitis
SizeMedium (Pack of 1)
Age Range (Description)Adult

Wearing the night splint is also a good way to curb with the plantar fasciitis cure, but it does require an effort to do it. You can start with just one hour a night to avoid making your leg numb due to strap pressure. Later, you can extend to one whole night with it, which is the perfect time period for the plantar fascia to extend and heal.

8. North American Healthcare Foot Rocker

  • By: North American Healthcare
  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 5.5 x 4.4 inches 

This foot rocker is another concept to assist the patient experiencing the plantar fasciitis in their exercise or stretching practices. It is developed by sports professionals to provide the patients the optimal foot position for safe and effective plantar fasciitis stretches.

No products found.

Specific Uses For ProductPlantar Fasciitis
Use forFeet
Product BenefitsPain Relief

The products recommend the patient to repeat three 30-second stretches every day. Doing that provides an effective way to help relieve the lower body pain associated with plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Basically, this foot rocker helps your daily plantar fasciitis cure making it more effective. And for those who regularly work on their feet, you can also use this foot rocker to prevent the plantar fasciitis from happening. It helps you to better move your feet in dorsiflexion, reducing the risk of getting the foot pain. This foot rocker is a one-size-fits-all item, so you don’t need to worry about getting a wrong one.

7. Ossur Form Fit Night

  • By: Bird & Cronin
  • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 5.8 inches 

With its comfortable look and sleek design, this night splint provides you the relief from your foot pain and discomfort that caused by plantar fasciitis. Ossur’s splint allows the patient to apply consistent stretch to exercise your inflamed plantar fascia with the support for your calf as well. You can easily do that by holding your foot in dorsiflexion gently. This lightweight splint gives you a good sleep since it doesn’t make you feel it on your feet. The set also comes with pads to insert under your foot for effective plantar fasciitis cure. And if you are concerning about the safety, this splint has the grip on the tread making it slip-resistant for the patient.

No products found.

SizeMedium (Pack of 1)
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count1.0 Count

The product is available in two options, men, and women. If you find it too big for your leg, you can adjust the straps for the smaller size. However, the recommendation is to not give a tight strap for your first use since it will make your feet numb the next morning due to pressure.

6. Futuro Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support

  • By: Futuro
  • Item Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 4 inches 

Support you foot with the splint for your good night sleep, so you don’t have to cry like a kid while sleeping. Sure, it’s not a good idea to suffer foot pain while sleep. The Futuro night sleep support holds your foot in a clinically proven position all night long for those suffering from plantar Fasciitis. It is made from polypropylene making it lightweight and comfortable for the patient. The straps are made to adjust the fit flexibility according to your foot size. Inside, it features the breathable soft foam giving your foot full comfort. The cushion pad is used to support your foot for optimal comfort.

No products found.

Specific Uses For ProductHold,Plantar Fasciitis,Skin
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)

Moreover, the user doesn’t find it hard to put on, it is a wrap-around style which is easy to put on and take it off, with a comfortable strap to maintain firm position on foot. The splint can be used in both right and left foot, with or without the sock. This night splint is yet the one that supports your foot for the whole night sleep.

5. NatraCure® Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap

  • By: NatraCure
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

The product that makes it to the third of this list is the technique that was used in the ancient time, but it still works pretty well. This wrap uses the hot/cold therapy to cure the swollen, inflamed, sore foot and hand. It also helps to lift plantar fascia tissue making it relieve arch and heel pain better and faster.  You can place the gel-packed wrap in the fridge for cooling, freeze it in your freezer or heat it in the oven. The patient can choose either cold or hot therapy according to your foot condition. You should choose cold therapy for ankle sprains or tired, aching feet. And choose hot therapy if you have poor circulation or arthritis.

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NatraCure’s wrap comes with a strap that covers around your foot or hand with the attached hook and loop strap holding your pack in place, right where you want it to be. However, it is warned not to use it on the open wound.

4. Fittest Pro Plantar Fasciitis foot sleeve kit

  • By: Fittest Pro
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

So far, this is the most inclusive package of the pain-relief package that you can find on the market. Bundling in a package of seven items, this foot assistant kit is an essential item to have in your house. Not only for those who suffer the plantar fasciitis but also to those who are active in sports.

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Specific Uses For ProductPain Relief,Plantar Fasciitis,CuttingBrandFittest ProSizeSTANDARD (Women 8+ | Men 7-11.5)SportTennis, Golf, Volleyball, Soccer, Running, BasketballAge Range (Description)Adult

In this kit, it consists of heel & arch support, compression socks, heel pads, grips, heel cups, shoe inserts and shoe insoles. The ankle support and socks are efficient in compressing plantar fasciitis curing your plantar fascia tissue. It helps to relieve plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle pain & other foot problems. In addition, the gel and fabric heel grips help to keep your heels from slipping out. The gel heel cushions relieve sore and aching heel. The cushioned arch support contribute to curing your heel spurs and foot strain. Moreover, plantar fasciitis cure can be easy by the therapy wraps with the compression techniques. Fittest Pro also design its gel cushions arch support with medical grade gel in order to provide fullest safety and comfort.

3. Stronger Premium grade spiky massage ball

  • By: Stronger
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches

Now, you come to the last product in this today. And it will make you wonder how it can assist your plantar fasciitis cure. It may look like a medieval device to treat your foot pain, but it does work. The spiky massage ball that looks more like a kid’s toy is the latest development from Stronger. It is a firm spiky ball with the size of the tennis ball that can handle your whole body weight on it. This massage ball is perfect for the plantar fasciitis cure and muscle soreness. Its firmness gives you the relief you need by improving the circulation of blood flow in the target area.

No products found.

MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride
Product BenefitsPain Relief,Deep Tissue

Using this for the massage after the workout could help you to prevent the possible body soreness. Stronger makes this spiky ball from hard rubber which makes you feel the solidity of it when applying on your body. Having this ball to cure your plantar fasciitis may be the most non-disturbing way without needing to add extra socks or splint to your body.

2. Compressions Plantar Fasciitis Socks

  • By: Compressions
  • Item Weight: Base on size
  • Product Dimensions: Base on size

Using sock can also help to alleviate the plantar fasciitis in an effective way. This sock was tailor-made for the plantar fasciitis cure. It uses the compression technique to improve blood circulation in your foot aiming for quicker recovery as well as improved endurance. This sock is also able to alleviate pain from common conditions such as calf and Achilles tendon strains, and shin splints. Made from thin, lightweight and breathable fabric that won’t trap the odors, it is a comfortable compression sock that provides you all day pain relief. Moreover, it still can be worn for your sport and outdoor activities after your recovery.

The socks are available in men and women version with the size range from small, medium and large. Interestingly, the socks are washable overtimes and still retains its elasticity. And since this sock is basically made more general use, athletes who regularly play a sport should also get one to avoid the possible foot accident.

1. Lemon Hero Arch Support Pads

  • By: Lemon Hero
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

These pads bring you more than just a normal compression technique, it gives the patient the consistent compression across the arch of your feet. It helps to reduce the pain in your heel and arch that associates with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon. Lemon Hero’s pads stay in place on your foot under your arch firmly, thanks to the unique elastic strap that surrounds your foot. The pads are basically thin, breathable and easily washable. For daily working attire, you can wear it normally over your socks.

The set comes with a pair of pads, in which each pair can be worn on the left or right foot. Not just limit to those who suffer the foot pain, these pads are also made for the active people who regularly do running, hiking. It actually does help your foot a lot.

Buying guide for plantar fasciitis’s assistant kit

If you are currently looking for a pain-relief device to cure your foot pain, you need to bear a few tips before making any decision.

  • You need to consider your daily activities. Whether your daily task involves much physical force on your foot or not. If not, find something that can support your arch and foot entirely. If you need to work a lot in physical, it is recommended to try the sock or wrap instead.
  • The second thing to consider is the condition of your foot pain. Whether it is very serious or just so-so. The method in plantar fasciitis cure varies greatly upon your condition.
  • Moreover, before getting splint or sock or wraps, you need to consider the size of your leg. Some come with different size, some are unisex, while some are not.
  • And lastly, please keep your safety the priority before getting the splints or socks. You should choose the one with the grip that makes it slip-assistant. So you won’t make thing worse.

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