10 Best Trekking Poles for Hiking [Buyer’s Guide]

Recently, I opened up about my outdoorsy side and shared on how I often hiked and loved to ride bikes too. A few days ago, I decided to call up a few friends of mine and set up a hiking date.

To my surprise, having been out of touch, I was the only one who showed up without a trekking pole. So as usual, I went about and did my research, and that is what I’ll be talking about today. Trekking poles have a lot of benefits and that is why every hiker should get one.

Make sure you Consider the following factors before you purchase a trekking pole:

  • Adjustability of the trekking pole is important because it will allow you to change it to the required length depending on the terrain.
  • Make sure the trekking pole has a great grip. This way, in case you end up getting rained on, they won’t get slippery.
  • Ensure that the trekking pole has shock absorption. This will help you conserve a bit of your energy and make let you enjoy yourself even more.

Below are the top ten trekking poles in 2022:

10. Alafen Aluminum Foldable Ultra-light Travel Trekking Hiking Pole

  • By: Alafen
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

The Alafen trekking pole has a measuring scale for height adjustment, which ranges from 45” to 49”. 49” being the international standard length, the Alafen trekking pole is a great fit for anyone who takes extra caution, when it comes to the height of the trekking poles that they purchase. It can also be folded to about 14.5” and enable you to pack it with ease.

A ALAFEN Aluminum Collapsible Ultralight Travel Trekking Hiking Pole for Men and Women
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE:EVA Foam Handle with wrist strap, sweat-absorbent, skid resistance groove design,and super comfortable for long time use.International Standard Length of 49" long, and 14.5" when folded, fitting perfectly in your backpack
  • ULTRALIGHT AND STURDY: Ultralight Shaft made of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy, extremely durable and not easy to deform
  • QUICKLY LOCK: New Quick Lock System, adjustable length from 45" to 49", with measuring scale to easily get your preferred heightby
  • MUCH SAFER:Tungsten Steel Rod Tip under the rubber footing, much safer and more abrasion resistant
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-We are so confident in the quality of this folding hiking pole that we will offer you an unconditional money back guarantee if you do not believe that the hiking pole lives up to expectations.
Shaft MaterialAluminum
Extended Length49 Inches

This trekking pole has its tip made of stainless tungsten steel which is one of the best materials.

Why you should consider getting it:

  • The tip of the trekking pole is made of tungsten steel, which is resistant to abrasion and is quite safe.
  • The trekking pole has a shaft that is ultra-light and can’t be deformed easily.

9. Foxelli Trekking Poles

  • By: Foxelli
  • Item Weight: 0.44 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 2 x 2 inches

The Foxelli trekking poles are suitable for all terrain, making them a very economical buy. My reason for saying so is because; you won’t have to worry about constantly getting a different trekking pole for the different locations that you go hiking.

Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles – Lightweight Collapsible Hiking Poles, Shock-Absorbent Walking Sticks with Natural Cork Grips, Flip Locks, 4 Season/All Terrain Accessories and Carry Bag
  • 100% CARBON FIBER: Foxelli Trekking Poles (also known as Nordic walking poles or hiking sticks) are made from 100% carbon fiber material, which is known for its incredible lightness. Each pole weighs only 7.6 oz, allowing you to move quicker and faster while exerting less energy. Carbon fiber is also shock-absorbent and significantly minimizes the impact on joints. Durable and sturdy, these walking sticks are designed to withstand even the most challenging hikes or backpacking trips.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Thanks to the quick-lock technology, Foxelli collapsible hiking poles are incredibly easy to use and a breeze to adjust - locking them in place takes only a few seconds. The sturdy locks are designed to firmly keep the walking poles in place and prevent them from sliding down, offering you the ultimate stability. Retractable from 24” to 55”, they work for a wide range of different heights, including both short & tall MEN, WOMEN & even KIDS!
  • PROVIDING THE ULTIMATE COMFORT: The anti-slip natural cork grips absorb sweat and moisture and will keep your hands cool and dry during those challenging long-distance hikes. The extra-padded, fully adjustable, breathable wrist straps make sure that you don’t accidentally drop your poles, and provide you with the maximum comfort throughout the day. The extended foam sleeves, made of soft EVA foam, will aid you during switchbacks and abrupt changes in terrain.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL CONDITIONS: From challenging ice mountain climbing to casual strolling around the neighborhood - our included heavy-duty accessories and tungsten carbide tips will not let you down, whatever the terrain or the season may be. Thermoplastic rubber tips & baskets strongly attach to the trekking sticks, so you can forget about losing them on snowy or muddy trails. A carrying case and a carrying clip are both included for easy, convenient storage and transportation.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Don’t worry about missing Amazon’s 30-day return window. We offer a 120-day, no questions asked returns together with our One Year Warranty. If - FOR WHATEVER REASON – you don’t like it, we’ll make sure to take care of that. Buy with confidence!
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Shaft MaterialCarbon Fiber
Extended Length55 Inches

Another reason is, the Foxelli trekking pole can be used by men, women, and children who have different heights, and still fit their height requirement needs. The slip resistant cork will ensure that you have excellent trekking results. If you have been using one of those trekking poles which can hold firm on the ground, perhaps you need to try this one out!

More reasons why you should get it:

  • The trekking pole has natural slip resistant cork grips that are adjustable to your hand.
  • It has wrists straps that are extra padded and can also be adjusted.

8. Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trekking Pole

  • By: Black Diamond
  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 1 x 1 inches 

The Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trekking Pole is specifically on the list because of the focus on its grip function. Its cork grip is premium and on top of it, the top is dual density.

Black Diamond 793661307143 Alpine Trekking Poles, One Size, Carbon Cork
  • Premium cork grip with dual-density top and adjustable 360-degree sewn strap
  • Non-slip EVA foam grip extension. Weight Per Pair : 475 g (1lb 1 oz)
  • 3 section 100% carbon fiber shaft
  • Dual Flick Lock Pro adjustability. Usable Length : 63-130 cm (25-51 in),Collapsed Length : 63 cm (25 in)
  • Interchangeable carbide tech tips, low profile trekking baskets and powder baskets
MaterialCarbon Fiber
ColorCarbon Cork
Shaft MaterialCarbon Fiber
Extended Length51 Inches

This trekking pole has a sewn strap which you can adjust and is also 360 degree, making it very flexible. The Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trekking Pole has a grip extension that is made up of EVA foam which is slip resistant. My friends seemed to really enjoy this pole thanks to comfortable and ergonomic fiber construction which makes it perfect for longer use.

A few other reasons why I choose it:

  • Its shaft is composed of carbon fiber that is 100% and 3 in sections.
  • This trekking pole has pro adjustable locks that are dual flick.

7. Montem Ultra Strong Hiking / Walking / Trekking Poles

  • By: Montem
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

This type of trekking pole removes you the hustle of constantly making stops, whenever you accidentally dropped your trekking pole while hiking.

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles, Pink (Matte) , One Pair
  • ✅【EASILY ADJUSTED】Adjustable quick locks allow you to QUICKLY & EASILY lengthen the poles from 24” to 53” in order to achieve the perfect height for your needs.
  • ✅【FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT PROMISE】We at Montem promise to replace your poles for life. Shop the most trusted brand in trekking poles today!
  • ✅【ULTRA STRONG & LIGHT 】Montem trekking poles weigh only 9.6 ounces per pole so you don’t feel weighed down - you’ve already got enough to carry, your poles are here to help you, not hinder. Crafted out of Aluminum 7075 - the same material used to build airplanes. Experience truly strong trekking poles. Lifetime Replacement Promise(!)
  • ✅【COMPACT & TRAVEL READY】Our trekking poles pack up easily for storage in luggage, backpacks, and duffle bags. Montem hiking poles also come with easily storable rubber tip protectors, pole connectors, and mud baskets.
  • ✅【NEW IMPROVED MODEL!】Strap up - Your trekking poles come with padded straps to ensure the most comfortable and ergonomic grip. Never worry about dropping your trekking poles again.
ColorPink Matte
Shaft MaterialAluminum
Extended Length53 Inches

It comes with a redesigned strap made from nylon that helps you continue with your activity without any pole dropping distractions. The trekking pole also has bolts that can be adjusted to allow you to get the desired height level from your pole. The compact and lightweight design makes this pole highly portable and perfect for outdoor activities.

Extra reasons why you should check it out:

  • Each of the trekking poles weighs about 9.6 ounces. It will not add any extra weight to your bag or weigh you down.
  • Your purchase will get you a 1-year warranty.

6. Premium Ultra-light Trekking Poles

  • By: High Trek
  • Item Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

No one wants to be holding a trekking pole that is all sweaty. It is frankly, distracting and quite uncomfortable.

High Trek Trekking Poles - 2-pc Pack Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks - Strong Lightweight Aluminum 7075 - Quick Adjust Flip-Locks - Blue Kit
  • Easy To Adjust: Your Trekking Poles With Lever Locks Are Simple to Adjust To Your Ideal Height - With One Hand - Even With Gloves On
  • Light Weight: At Only 8.7 Ounces Each, Your Poles Are Strong And Can Take a Beating. Great Quality And Value
  • Comfortable Grips: Ergonomically Designed EVA Handles Provide All-Day Comfort for Men or Women so you have the freedom to hike further
  • Easy to Pack: The poles fit into carry-on size luggage or attach to your backpack. Sections easily separate for even more compactness
  • Warranted For A Full Year - Your High Trek Endurance Edition Trekking Poles Help Protect Your Knees While You Are Exploring Nature's Beauty

The Premium Ultra-light Trekking Poles have EVA grips that are sweat-absorbent, and won’t throw you off your game. You won’t have to endure trying to use a trekking pole in which your hands keep sliding on because of the sweat. Save yourself the frustration. It comes with a snow basket which makes carrying it a breeze since you only throw it inside the basket and leave.

Other reasons for picking it:

  • It conveniently comes with a snow basket and a bag that you can pack it in.
  • The trekking pole will also have covers that will protect the tungsten carbide tips.

5. Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

  • By: Hiker Hunger
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

Quality is the name of the game with this Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole. The company boasts of its strength and durability since they only use 100% high-end carbon fiber.

100% Carbon Fiber Collapsible Walking Stick for Hiking, Trekking Poles for Hiking Collapsible, Hiking Poles, Hiking Sticks, Folding Walking Stick for Seniors Balance, Walking Stick for Women Men Kids
  • Built to Last: Made of 3k 100% Carbon Fiber, each pole weighs only 7.6 oz allowing you to keep your backpacking gear lightweight. Lighter & more versatile than aluminum, you’ll move quicker and exert less energy allowing you to walk longer distance.
  • Added Comfort: We use moisture-wicking ergonomic cork grips that conform to your hand shape for the ultimate fit! A nonslip EVA Foam Grip extension under the cork grip for quick use on steep climbs! And neoprene padded hand straps to avoid chafing.
  • Premium Stability: With our flip lock lever technology, our hiking poles are easy to adjust & lock in place securely. More secured locking than twist lock or foldable poles that slide out. And we use metal locks vs. plastic for ultimate strength.
  • Made For You: Our hiking sticks are retractable from 24” to 55” & are designed both short & tall Women, Men, & Kids! Built for backpacking, camping, & simple walks outside, our poles make the perfect camping essentials or outdoor gifts for someone!
  • Why Choose Us? Based in the USA & a team of Obsessive Hikers! Call us with Any Questions at Any Time. Trusted by 50,000+ customers since 2015 & a 3-year warranty to back up our products. Our first pole from 2015 is still going strong 7+ years later!
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Shaft MaterialCarbon Fiber
Extended Length54 Inches

Carbon fiber is known to be a material that is naturally anti-shock, which is a plus as far as trekking poles are concerned. The ergonomic shape of the grip makes its use comfortable and convenient while the cork enhances comfort and convenience.

A few more reasons why you should pick it:

  • The trekking pole’s grip has the ability to conform to your hands shape.
  • The cork grip is also ergonomic, enhancing your comfort when hiking.

4. Evocrest Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

  • By: Evocrest
  • Item Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches 

While looking into this particular trekking pole, I asked around to confirm whether some of their claims were true and users had consistent high approvals.

EVOCREST Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles - Collapsible, Shock Absorbent, Ultra Lightweight Hiking Walking Sticks - Quick Locks, Cork Handle - All Terrain Accessories Included
  • WHILST WITH OTHER TREKKING POLES you might experience disappointment due to their lack of resistance and durability, our 100% CARBON FIBER Trekking Poles will amaze you with their shock absorbing quality that helps diminish strains on joints and their long lasting strength. Get ready for safer, more comfortable hikes!
  • YOU DESIRE TREKKING POLES that are light as a feather, but won't let you down even in the harshest trekking challenges? We meet your needs with our walking sticks that WEIGH ONLY 7.6 ounces (215g) each. Together they weigh less than a pound (430g) and come with a CARRYING CASE and ADDITIONAL TIPS INCLUDED for your best trekking experience, be it an easy Urban Walk or an Icy Mountain Climb!
  • NO MORE BUYING DIFFERENT SETS OF TREKKING POLES for each family member. These poles have RETRACTABLE SHAFTS, from 24" to 54". The advanced QUICK LOCK mechanism keeps the shafts from collapsing unexpectedly, making them the perfect fit for adults and kids alike. More so, they can easily be carried in a backpack.
  • WE PROMOTE EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY ABOVE ALL ELSE and as such, our poles have ergonomic, lightweight and moisture-wicking CORK HANDLE that retain grip even when wet, and nonslip EVA FOAM Grip extensions below the handles that help reduce pressure on the wrist during abrupt hikes.
  • WE BELIEVE YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO USE YOUR 2-YEAR WARRANTY, but we're prepared to assist you in case our product doesn't meet your every need. We stand by not only our products, that we're made to last far beyond expectations but by our customer's utmost satisfaction!
MaterialCork, Carbon Fiber
Shaft MaterialCarbon Fiber
Extended Length54 Inches

These Trekking Poles do help you reduce on getting any more joint strains, thanks to their shock absorbent feature. You no longer have to dread hikes because of aching joints, but dwell on the potential memories that you will make.

Why you need it:

  • The trekking poles are long lasting and have been known to surpass other pole’s usefulness.
  • Your purchase will get you a case for carrying it and advice included for enhancing your hiking experiences.

3. The Fit Life Anti Shock Hiking Trekking Poles

  • By: Life & Fit
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

The Fit Life Anti Shock Hiking Trekking Poles are made from a 6 series high-quality aluminum aviation material.

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles - 2 Packs with Antishock and Quick Lock System, Telescopic, Collapsible, Ultralight for Hiking, Camping, Mountaining, Backpacking, Walking, Trekking (Red)
  • Anti shock/ shock, absorbing poles: With the High Quality 6 Series Aluminum Material, the Shock-Absorbing Effect Can Strongly Reduce Damage From the Impact Force
  • Extra long eva foam handles with straps: Soft and Comfortable, Absorbs Moisture From Sweaty Hands and Very Comfortable to Hold
  • Built to last: We use 6 series Aluminum to make the Strongest & Lightest Poles in the Outdoor Market
  • Extendable: Our poles feature our Quick Lock so you can collapse or extend your poles from 26" (65 cm) all the way to 53" (135 cm) quickly. When not in use, these are easy to collapse, small and light enough to be stored within your backpack.
  • Satisfy your thirst for adventure: You’ll feel 100% satisfaction from the moment you received the trekking poles. They come with a carrying bag and a full set of rubber accessories for trekking, hiking, nordic walking and backpacking, etc. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the durability, portability, versatility and high quality of our trekking poles.
Shaft MaterialAluminum
Extended Length53 Inches

This component allows its shock absorbent effect to reduce the force of impact damaged greatly. Your days of missing out on trekking trips to certain terrains are over. Backed by a 100% money back guarantee, you can buy it without fear.

Two more reasons why you should get it:

  • Your purchase will get you a 100% money back deal.
  • The trekking poles handle also have a moisture absorbent feature for sweaty hands.

2. Cascade Mountain Tech 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

  • By: Cascade Mountain Tech
  • Item Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27 x 2 x 5 inches

Few trekking poles will give you the option of deciding whether you want a cork grip or having EVA handles.

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles - Carbon Fiber Walking or Hiking Sticks with Quick Adjustable Locks (Set of 2)
  • HIGH QUALITY STRONG VALUE - Poles are built with 100% CARBON FIBER which is known for its light weight. These poles are user friendly for beginners and strong for thru hikers.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT POLES - 7. 8 oz. Or LESS THAN a pound - our carbon fiber poles provide hikers, walkers, back packers, campers and more the best option for a lightweight strong pole when focusing speed and ultralight packing.
  • QUICK LOCK & EXTENDABLE - Our quick lock will support you during all your adventures, it is easy to use and reliable for holding the pole at the desired height ranging from 26”- 54”.
  • SUPREME COMFORT - CORK GRIPS provide comfort, lower the vibration as you step, and wicks away sweat. The extended EVA grip offers relief for a quick transition on the changing terrain. Poles also include tungsten carbide tips and adjustable wrist straps
  • BONUS TIP KIT - Includes snow baskets, sand/ mud baskets, rubber boot tips, rubber tips, trekking pole clip and a carry bag.
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Shaft MaterialCarbon Fiber
Extended Length54 Inches

The Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles allow their users to choose which one is a better fit for them. That is what makes this trekking pole get such a high ranking. The reason also includes the bonus kit which includes small rubber feet, boots, and a snow basket.

More reasons why you should consider it:

  • Replacement parts are provided by the company if needed.
  • The trekking poles can also be used by the entire family; they are made to fit every ones need.

1. BAFX Products Trekking Poles

  • By: BAFX Products
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

I always make sure that I find at least one product that will cater to different people’s interests. Now, this particular trekking pole will catch your eye.

BAFX Products - 2 Pack - Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles - 1 Pair, Blue, Royal Blue
  • [HIGH QUALITY & AFFORDABLE] BAFX Products prides themselves on manufacturing high quality hiking poles you can rely on in tough trail situations at an affordable price point. From beginner hikers to more advanced, kids, adults, seniors, men or women..... these poles are a great low cost, yet high quality option.
  • [VERSATILE] Expandable from 26.5" to 53.25" using a twist lock mechanism these walking poles can be made the perfect height for any trail situation or any size adult or child. Also included are two different tip options (carbide & rubber) & 2 mud discs which mean you can use them over any kind of terrain from sand and mud to pavement, rocks, grass, dirt paths or even the tile floors in your home.
  • [COMFORTABLE] The BAFX Products trekking poles come with trail tested ergonomic TPR grips that are comfortable over long hikes, tested by our own families! We also incorporate an anti-shock spring to help prevent joint fatigue by absorbing some of the shock with each pole placement. Not to mention the foam carrying grip and the generously padded wrist straps.
  • [BETTER LOCKING] Our poles expand and collapse with a simple twist lock. Twist locks are much more reliable than the flip locks and less prone to slipping. Flips locks need to be constantly adjusted during your hike as they loosen, requiring you to carry a tightening tool. Twist locks, lock & stay locked your entire hike with no tools required.
  • [Lightweight & STRONG] Made from the most popular aluminum in the world for its lightweight and durable properties. We use 6061 aluminum which is used in truck frames, rail cars, aerospace applications, towers & pylons. It is truly an amazing material that won't break the bank.
Shaft MaterialAluminum, Aluminum
Extended Length52 Inches

If you like to stand out its stylish appeal won’t let you down. They have been designed ergonomically too and with a wrist strap that offers more support. Your trekking poles will come with a mud basket to allow you to also hike in muddy areas.

Other reasons for choosing it:

  • The pole can be lengthened to any height starting from 26.5 to 52 inches.
  • The purchase will include a manual, and you will also be provided with an instructional video.

Buyer’s Guide:

The BAFX Products Trekking Poles caught my attention after realizing that it would be able to cater to a wide range of individuals with different needs. Whether you are focusing on the shock absorbent aspect of a trekking pole, the handles, grip, adjustability, durability or even style!

BAFX has got you covered. The best part about it is that you get a warranty that will also cover 100% of any manufacturing defects. All things considered, The BAFX Products Trekking Poles are the best you can get for yourself.

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